After bowering on the site, allkpop, I cam up on this article, my opinion on it is that it's totally unfair to ibon ng dyey completely.


ibon ng dyey Park is going on a tagahanga meeting tour in Asia, and it turns out that Olympic Stadium in Seoul, Korea denied ibon ng dyey Park when his people approached them to rent the puwang for his tagahanga meet.

Olympic Stadium’s reps sinabi on the third, “Jaebeom’s people did come to us about the fanmeeting. We did get a request to rent our space. It’s also true that we turned down the request.”

They continued, “We were told that 2PM’s fans would protest against Jaebeom having a tagahanga meeting here. We are a public puwang so we didn’t want to be involved in any problems.”

When asked if the denial of the rental request had anything to do with his controversial MySpace incident, they quickly replied, “Absolutely not. That doesn’t make sense.”

Since he was denied sa pamamagitan ng the Olympic Stadium, he will hold the tagahanga meeting at the Seoul AhnDamDong Koryo University’s Gymnasium on the 28th and the 29th.

I think it’s pretty lame that Olympic Stadium was manipulated sa pamamagitan ng unreasonable fans, and i’m not sure I buy the excuse that the MySpace incident didn’t factor into their decision. What do you think?