ibon ng dyey Park greeted his fans for the New taon in a unique way through sidusHQ’s January edition of their online magazine.

The singer was asked three tanong on the magazine’s “Star Section” corner. Check them out below!

Q1) “The characteristics of rabbits! I think this fits me well because…”
ibon ng dyey Park: “I think my two front teeth resembles a rabbit’s, since my two front teeth are big as well. ^ㅠ^”

Q2) “My 2011, what do I want to accomplish?”
ibon ng dyey Park: “My wish is to have the album I’m working hard on right now to do well. Please look pasulong to it!”

Q3) “The susunod taon of the rabbit will be in 12 years. What will I be doing?”
ibon ng dyey Park: “I’ll be 37 in 12 years from now… sa pamamagitan ng then, I think I’ll be married, have about one or two kids.. and be living happily.”