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Just a few months ago, only few had heard of Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen, but with the help of Justin and the success of her first single, “Call Me Maybe,” she is quickly becoming a household name. Earlier this week, that infectious song became the fastest-selling U.K. single in 2012 so far — yet, what’s even madami impressive is who she beat out for the #1 spot: her boss, Justin Bieber.

Justin took to Twitter to send his congratulations:

“So i get up today and #BOYFRIEND is #2 on ITUNES chart in the UK!! Incredible!. Who is #1?? My own artist @carlyraejepsen … hmmmm.”

When she stopped sa pamamagitan ng the MTV News offices Monday, she insisted the only place these two are battling it out is on the charts.

“The fact that we are able to have that friendly competition is blowing my mind. I wouldn’t be here without his support and his help, and he is so great about it. He’s just happy for me, which is nice to see.”

So, is she going to give up that #1 spot? she joked.

“We can share it: two #1s!”
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