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 Justin Bieber in puwang litrato edit
Justin Bieber. Thought it would be fun to edit it. I have plenty more, check them out! They have been watermarked for a reason, I am the only one with the originals. Please do not claim!
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This Justin Bieber litrato might contain sign, poster, teksto, pisara, and wicket.

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All Beliebers have their story. How they fell in pag-ibig with Justin and How Justin has inspired them. Justin Has saved some girls lives! There was this girl cutting herself and Justin told her 2 stop and she did! Justin Has inspired all of us in some way! But my story... I don't exactly remember the first time I saw Justin.. All I know is that I fell for him. It was last year. I became a huge tagahanga buying every poster. It wasn't until a taon later I started being depressed. I found it hard 2 pag-ibig myself. I would compare myself not just 2 mga model and movie stars but 2 every girl I saw on the street!...
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this is the proof that hasmin villegas is a half filipina...
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