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 justin bieber 2014
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justin bieber 2014
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This Justin Bieber litrato contains portrait, headshot, and closeup. There might also be jersey, t shirt, and tee shirt.

With Justin Bieber declaring how he would pag-ibig to go out on a petsa with Kim Kardashian, It's now the turn of the curvaceous beauty to reveal her feelings for Justin....and it ain't gonna be what he wants to hear. When she was asked sa pamamagitan ng Extra's Terri Seymour about the reaction of Justin's fans, Kim replied:
“I think it just shows obviously he has a huge following of young girls.
“We would never not seriously date. I could be his mum! But he's such a cute guy and such a funny person. He has a great personality, so I see why they all pag-ibig him and are obsessed with him- he is adorable.”

The Keeping Up With The Kardashian's bituin even had a message for Justin's fans: “To all the Bieb-lievers out there, we are just friends.”
Teen haircut sensation Justin Bieber has revealed that he’d like to be a judge on the US version of X Factor. The ipakita will launch sometime susunod taon with Simon Cowell producing the ipakita now that he’s left American Idol to do so.
Talking to The Sun, 16-year-old Bieber said, “I think Simon Cowell is great. Some people might not like getting payo from a guy my age but The X Factor is coming to the US and I would pag-ibig to do a guest judging slot.”
Because if you pluck up the courage to sing on national TV, you’re really going to want a teenager telling you that you suck.
Teen singer Justin Bieber has revealed that his mother gives him an allowance of just $50 a day. The 16-year-old pop bituin sinabi his mum Pattie Mallette and his agent and business manager Scooter Braun keep him grounded sa pamamagitan ng making sure he only has a small daily allowance, despite having a reported $100m in the bank.
He told UK newspaper the News Of The World: 'My mum wants me to learn how to be very smart with my money.
'If I save [my allowance] for a week, then I have a couple of hundred bucks that I can spend on something special.' Braun added: 'We're trying to teach him the value of a dollar.'
Spencer Pratt has managed to make himself the most unpopular 'celebrity' in the world sa pamamagitan ng annoying Justin Bieber's millions of fans. The former Hills bituin is known for being mapait and resentful, ranting at other's madami popular and successsful than himself on Twitter but has targeted the wrong celebrity this time.
Spencer tweeted: "Knew someone who caught Bieber Fever. Only decent thing to do was put him down. Justin won the award for Choice Male Artist at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday, a well deserved win but Spencer was less than impressed sa pamamagitan ng the ceremony.
He tweeted: "Teen Choice Awards! My choice is to not give a s**t."
Justin Bieber has told MTV News about the importance of being involved in charity work.
The teen bituin attended a charity ceremony held sa pamamagitan ng his friend Usher in Atlanta on Friday and sinabi he was pleased to be performing live. “You know, I'm really excited to be here to support Usher, my mentor, and his New Look Foundation,” he explained. “I'm here [and] I'm performing tonight. I'm also helping out another charity, It's called Pencils Of Promise. It's all about giving back and helping out kids that need education.
Bieber added: “It's really important that I'm able to help out other kids. I'm a kid myself, so it means a lot to me.” It was the first time Usher had held his World Leadership Awards, through his New Look foundation. The event was also attended sa pamamagitan ng Ciara.
JB meanwhile is a busy man having recently filmed a cameo in CSI and been signed up to be the face of spot cream Proactiv
On Monday, teen pag-awit sensation Justin Bieber announced his first book, "Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever: My Story." HarperCollins, which will ilathala the book, described it as a "photographic memoir of his amazing journey." Bieber's journey hasn't been all that long -- he's just 16.
The susunod day, Bieber decided to downplay the "memoir" part of the book. In four quick Twitter posts -- to his 4.2 million followers -- Bieber wrote:

it isnt a memoir...i teamed up with this amazing photographer robert and he has been taking pictures behind the scenes from before the tour. so the book will include...
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Justin Bieber bumagay up nicely susunod to Ciara as they attend the New Look Foundation’s First Annual World Leadership Awards at Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre in Atlanta on Friday night (August 6).
The 16-year-old musician received the UNL Honoree: Global Youth Leader Award. The World Leadership Awards, which will bring together heads of state, civic and community leaders, philanthropists, and celebrities, will honor eight individuals for their commitment to supporting youth as leaders and change agents of some of our world’s most pressing issues.
The forthcoming Justin Bieber 3-D konsiyerto movie/biopic still needs its director. Paramount Pictures confirmed that Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Davis Guggenheim will not be lensing the picture. He was being considered to direct the film, but he will be too wrapped up in the promotional process for his Waiting for Superman documentary to take on the Bieber film.
"Gossip Girl" star, John Galliano fragrance face and Madonna's Material Girl model Taylor Momsen is nothing if not shockingly open and brutally honest about some pretty personal topics. Promoting her Pretty Reckless debut album, "Light Me Up," she did a very candid interview about priests, her tampax, her vibrator and Justin Bieber with a New Zealand radio show.
Her song "Goin' Down" and the Catholic church's sexual abuse scandal: "I was raised Catholic. I f***ed a priest once. Just kidding." Intrusive media coverage and her panty-flashing mga litrato on the Web: "I don't take [any of the stories...
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Justin Bieber's people are reportedly trying to keep the 16-year old away from pal Kim Kardashian over fears that she might seduce him. The Eenie Meenie singer's friendship with Kardashian is causing panic in Camp Bieber after the youngster has already referred to the former palikero model as his girlfriend on Twitter, leading Kim to receive death threats from avid Bieber fans.
Bieber was also pictured cavorting with the 29-year old reality TV bituin in the Bahamas this week for a photoshoot, causing madami upset for Justin's hoard of dedicated followers.
A pinagmulan close to Bieber's people told heat...
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Will Smith's son Jaden has sinabi recording his first ever song with Justin Bieber was "amazing". The 11-year-old bituin of the new Karate Kid remake admitted he'd had the best time making his rapping debut on the film's pamagat track Never Say Never, recording alongside the teen sensation.
"It was great, he's amazing," Jaden revealed at the film's Hollywood premiere.
Above is their artwork for their new single never say never.
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Ladies, if you’re looking for JB you might try searching for him on AIM! It turns out the Biebs loves to spend his free time chatting it up online! BFFs, Justin Bieber loves to instant message! We spoke to one of JB’s best friends, Iyaz, who tells us the superstar loves to spend his time using AOL Instant Messenger. The R&B singer who was discovered sa pamamagitan ng Sean Kingston, tells us that Justin is always IM’ing him! “I was overseas for a long time,” says Iyaz. “Finally I came back and I signed on AIM and Justin asks me ‘When’s your birthday’ so I responded but he wasn’t there...
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Justin bieber, I miss you.
Henceforth, I must strive for.
I am a Chinese girl, I don't know why I like you .I guess, had reason, for example, you are my paborito character of the type, but I didn't know you thoroughly, so this should not reason. But again, why? I dare not to think madami carefully, maybe I was already cannot extricate oneself, perhaps it has become the love. So I will always love. I really want to come into your life and I want to thoroughly understand you . I really want to know you, then I can contain your all faults, help you fix your life habit, I will stop you always singing,I...
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Justin is really sweet but i am not one of those people that are crazy about him. Just to say I live in Atlanta a few miles from where Justin lives and he and i are friends. So HA HA HA HA. He is really cute and i think he is sweet. Justin Bieber if you are pagbaba this than i think you a sweet and nice. and because you are sorta hot. Also everyone pagbaba this there is a website called WeeWorld and you can meet Justin there. He has over four thousand mga kaibigan so good luck! Cara OUT.

pag-ibig you Justin Bieber : )
me and my best friend,want to make a video for justin with all of you.
We know that he's birthday is on March 1.
but we want as many pictures and video's so we are starting now!

what to do?
- Take a litrato of you, and ilipat here for example : happy birthday Justin.

- or you cane make a short video and then you say : Happy birhtday justin, or : I hope you have a nice birthday of whatever! :P

We also come from the netherlands, but it is nice when fans of him around the world want to make the video!

We put the movie out one weeks before his Birthday.
And then we hope ofcourse that he will see the video!

send the pictures or video's to my email: Lauwtjuhh95@hotmail.com



I hope you understand it,because us english is not good.
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