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i am tagahanga of both. They are my paborito singers. mga kaibigan you select from the video
posted by thatjustinfan
ok here it is for all you justin bieber fans..: yeah ok so i know ima big tagahanga my self but all you people going krazy over him is just waayy to freeky i mean seriusly hes just another guy! hes a pervert to on a youtube video i dont have the link any ways he sinabi that the craziest thing a girl has ever done to get his attetion was flash him and he clealy stated oh well yeah i, i try not to look! how gross and perverted is that?! i mean seriusly hes just another pig loser guy in this ugly world! i mean for the record hes extremely hot but still! and have all you guys noticed that he ONLY writes songs about girls?! he seriusly does and all of his girls in his music bidyo are completely ugly! i just hate it! i pag-ibig his songs and all its just really hes a pig boy like all the other ones! well just letting you guys know that i thought it was pretty important:) ok peace people things justinmites
posted by shawnican
i petsa justin he is my fake boyfriend i think that he hates makeup because i read it he likes girls who be there self i heard he wants a life like u he sinabi he wants to go to real school i heard about that my sis posted it on myspace he is cute but i sawl a pic of his and his girlfriend kissin on the lips he put it on myspace im very sorry you cant petsa him he is very hot he has a girlfriend sorry im alot i feel bad im mad at him he is cute a think hes a cuite byezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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