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she has jacked up teeth XD
posted by miyako-san
This Anime has Shoujo, Comedy, Shonen, and a bit of hentai. It is about a girl named Naeka Fujiwara, an ordinary girl who has to take over the heir when she turns eighteen of her grandfather, who is a billionaire. He give s her and her brother, Kousuke, two maids, Fubuki, the Maid Guy Tamer, and Kogorashi , The Maid guy. Everyday there is an adventure... In all, it was good.

Naeka's Troubles
1. Three men made a tagahanga club about her breasts.
2. A GIRL having a crush on her
3. Her Maids
4. Elizabeth k. Strawberryfield
5. Her brother

and oh, so , many more!

i recommend this for 13 and up