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posted by dotastelpa123
Kenny was a very bland caracter when South park first started. He was a boy that nobody could understand and died a lot, that's it. Even though the idea was clever and exremely funny to have this kid die constantly it got kinda boring. Than the geniouses called Matt and Trey came to the rescue and killed Kenny off for one season, he needed a break from dying:). After that he didn't die nearly as much and developed further as a caracterand stopped being a "prop" like earlier. This is what his caracter is like now: He comes from a poor family and is often teased sa pamamagitan ng Cartman becouse of it. He is...
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posted by zombiesurvivor
It started as any normal day. *Chuckles* Well, as normal as a araw can go for me. As I do every morning, I check for anything that could kill me. I do this in the hope to go a araw without dying. But, looks were deceiving. As soon as i Got out my costume, a rock flew through my window and shattered my brain. I reappeared in my kama almost instantly. Most people would like to not be able to die. I wish that I actually could stay dead. I mean, its very depressing when no one remembers that you die. Not even your own parents. I grabbed my costume and headed towards the fatasses' house. But today wasn't' any ordinary day.