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This KH: Organization XIII litrato might contain sign, poster, teksto, pisara, patungan ng aklat, pagbabasa desk, coffee break, and tea break na.

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posted by roxasismine23

"So. Bored!" Steph sighed. She was sprawled out on her kama staring at the castle's white cealing.
"I'm not!" Gracie chirped as she entered the room and made her way over to the wardrobe her on her side of the room. she was dressed in a ridiculous costume of leaves and twigs.
"what the heck are you wearing!?!" steph questioned, sitting up to get a better look at her friend.
"I'm a bush!" she explained as she rumaged through her backpack she had stuffed into the back of the wardrobe, grateful that Axel had taken them back to their houses to get some personal...
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posted by suicideheart
araw 6:
Ughh. There was a yelp and that usually meant something was not right.

i went searching everywhere in the kastilyo all the way to the last floor. Walking down these stairs felt like forever sometimes.


As I got closer the Screaming started to increase into 2 voices,a man and a womens my first thought was Axel and Xion. i ran faster but still had alot of steps to go, when i relized i could just use my portal.

I stopped.

I cosentrated on the bottom floor where i wanted to be and opened my eyes and was there.
it was.... Zexion and Laurexene. Both surounded sa pamamagitan ng heartless at least 100 or little...
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posted by bighitta54
Kingdom Hearts III: The Keyblade Wars

This is when Sora and mga kaibigan are 5 years older. Donald and Goofy are not mentioned in here.

Chapter 1 The first meeting

Sora, Riku, and Kairi were called to the keyblade graveyard. They did not know they were ALL called there. So they got there and saw each other. Heartless filled the scene and keyblades popped up in their hands. They saw armor on each other and nagkomento on it. Then they all found a bunch of keyblades. They grabbed 2 and fought the heartless. after that, Master Xehanort popped up with the sedimental phantom.

Chapter 2 The first battle

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posted by ILoveKingMickey
King Mickey was walking in the realm of darkness, destroying every dusk and shadow that slithered in his path. When suddenly, Organization 13 surrounded King Mickey. Axel said, "Walking in the realm of darkness alone? Kinda, dangerous, isn't it? I mean guys like us could pop up anywhere, and then what, your Majesty?" The King didn't reply, instead he summoned his keyblade and expected trouble.
"Oh! Look Demyx!" Axel said, "he's expecting trouble. Well, he guessed right huh?" Demyx whined, "Why did you have to call on me? You know I don't like violence!" Axel replied, "Exactly. Anyway, your...
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