1.He likes to sleep but he feels like sleeping is a waste of time - therefor he goes to sleep really late (to be able to do something before sleeping) and that's why he can't get up early
2.He can't feel pain when people pinch him
3.He can fall asleep anywhere and anytime
4.He is ticklish around his ribs
5.He can't sleep with clothes on because he hates the hotness under the blanket
6.He is obsessed with aliens
7.He would like to have a big hall where he can perform when he is already retired
8.Three things he is most afraid of not having them when he is abroad: cellphone, shaver and hair conditioner - these are very valuable to him
9.He would like to ride an UFO
10.First he didn't like being called '4-dimensional' because he thought it meant that he is retarded but he likes it now because he knows that it means that he has a 'unique charm'.
11.His dream is to rent a small stage when he is in his 40s,50s and perform to his fans who have already became parents and then go and have soju with them afterwards
12.If he has to describe himself as an animal he says that he is a lion
13.He sinabi he would like to reincarnate as SS501's maknae, Kim Hyung Joon
14.He sinabi he wants to be cute like Kim Hyung Joon