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posted by grinjack
On the 7th of May, there was a notice about becoming official members of Henecian with a change in account number from the nakaraan notice. There was also a schedule about an official tagahanga meeting with the official members of Henecians in Jeju this coming June.


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Keyeast's CEO then updated his Twitter about the hacking

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I suggest fans not to do their fund transfer for the time being.

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Actor-singer KHJ is not dad for the child coz DNA test not yet proved.Choi not yet take parentity test but KHJ has proof that he took but not the choi yet.Kind request dont be another shit sites like allkpop.Soonly it will proved that KHJ is not dad for that child,we henecians belive in this!!Choi is keep on saying lies.At first she sinabi that KHJ assaulted him but she get injured while working in gym.Now before few days she sinabi that KHJ not need parentity test,but now KHJ took but she not yet now!!
If really it is KHJ's baby,he agreed to take responsibility of it.If really that baby is not his he would take legal action.It is kindly request to Henecians and everyone that not to belive other shit site when they keep on posting negative posts.Wait everyone till the 3rd hearing.
posted by mitsuki963
Jeongmallo nan mollasseo TV drama cheoreom
Chingu isang saenggak hae bon jeok eopdeon

Neoreul saranghage dwedani ige moseun nalbyeorak
Nado moreugesseo ireon nae mameul

Gaseumi tteollyeo sashireun myeot beon sshik
Ireon nae mam sum giryeo aesseo bwattneunde
Meomchul su eopseo geureoni badajwo
Neoreul wihae junbihan naui sarangeul

Baby neoreul saranghae
Baby neoman saranghae
Chin gu raneun maldae shin nan ni be the one for you

Baby nuga mworaedo
You're the only one for me
Ojik neo hanaman barabollae

So lovely

You're the one

Mae-il mae-il sangsanghae naui yeope ittneun neo
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Translated from Korean to English: ode

Hello. This is KEYEAST.

Kim Hyunjoong-ssi will be holding his first solo mini album's commemoration Showcase on June 7 at Jangchung Gymnastic Stadium.

During this Showcase, songs from Kim Hyunjoong-ssi's new mini album will be sung and revealed for its first time, so we hope for much participation from all fans.

Thank you.


pamagat of event : KIMHYUNJOONG SHOWCASE
When : June 7 (Tuesday)
Time : announce again
Where : Jangchung Gymnastic Stadium

[ HOW TO sumali ]

(1) 2011 Henecia members will be invited (First-Come-First-Serve)
(2) Those who purchase Kim Hyunjoong-ssi mini album's "Limited Edition" (through Lucky Draw)
**other additional details will be revealed again in another notice


-So far, only this Showcase is being planned. No others such as the Birthday Party / Fanmeetings