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I squealed with pain as Sora tried zipping up the dress. Its not like I was fat. I just ate to much Nandos.... (I like Nandos... ewe XD)
I squeezed Nya's hand.
"Breath!" She told me. "Breath!"
I screamed. I was sucking in my gut, not pushing. Just sucking in my gut.
Finally, it was all over. A sigh escaped my lips. "No madami Nandos, Gabby...." stated Sora.
"Awwww.... but why? Nya and I go there every Sunday!"
Nya raised a brow. "Hey. Don't bring me into this. Its you who likes...
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:'D dun judge me. I am Mrs. Julian.... XD Thank you webchow for the ideas~

I sat quietly at the edge of a pond,reading my book. I was studding how to control my black magic.
"Hello my love~."
Looking up I saw Zane. I loved it when he called me that!
"Are you ready for tommarow?" He asked. I smiled and closed my book. "Of course! I wouldn't want it any other way!" I placed a small halik on his cheek making him blush.
Tomarrow was the araw Zane and I was going to get married. I was going to become Mrs.Julian! (It turns out Zane's last name is...
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You know what, I dont even care. They'v been gone this long, and I don't even care!
Cassidy left me. Yeah, I know, right? Well, she's gone off with some other guy and left me all alone on some Island far from Ninjago. Farther than the Dark Island. See, it all started like this: She got mad at me for getting mad at her, then Mr. Charming comes in and is all like 'I'm better than him blah, blah, blah' and then long story short, I'm on an islande.

"Cole, you can't be mad about this!?" Cassidy said, gesturing to the red-and-gold book in her hand.
"Yes, I can, and I am!" I said.
"Well, it's a...
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Chapter Five: Explaining the Obviousley Dangerous
Mikey's POV
Where was she? Kelcey hadn't returned with Cole, and when he went to explain it to the others, they shooed me away. I was getting a little worried. Was she dead? Was she half dead? Did Garmadon get her? Oh, I hope she okay! And not just Kelcey, I wished I knew where Kaitln and Danny were! I was remembering all the fun times we had together. Like on fourth of July, we were in the pool in our backyard, and we RPd as the ninja. And another time, we had a giant unan fight. We were making so much of a ruckus in Kelcey's room, the bookshelf...
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uy fans of ninjago i want on youtube and i put in ninjago and new hd episodes pop up and i watched all the episodes and the frist one i watch was prieates v.s ninja and the susunod one was drakness shell rise then double troble and then ninjaball run and then childs play. sooo amm i will tell you tagahanga out ther about the episodes . frist one is prieates v.s ninja the ninja stared to fix the city after what happen but what a mintie oh my money dollers i got allthe episodes mix up sorry about that anyway if you want to watch the episodes go to youtube and tape in ninjago and thers the episodes i would give you the poll but i am bissy.
one night on the bounty....

Cole: Chili's ready!

Jay: aww (( on mind ) uhh i hate his chili)

Jay: * eats chili * mmmmmmm!!!

Kai: ibon ng dyey stop trying to talk.


Kai: * ignores *

Zane: it is okay jay, remember last time your mouth was stuck sa pamamagitan ng cole's chili, it only lasts till 30 minutes

Kai: i'm not gonna eat that chili, i mean i'll eat something else

Kai: oh i'm not hungry anymore

Kai: * runs to the and recieves pizza delivery *

Jay: mmmmmmm ( i'm going to the bedroom )

Zane: yes i will come too

Cole: you can understand that?

Zane: i have a translator

Cole: ok, i never knew that

sensei wu and nya left , sensei wu to levitate and nya to fix her exo-suit gears

Cole: looks like i'm the only one who's eating tonight, oh well......
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