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Source: me ad my many kitty bases. :3
added by Mockinjay1400
Source: me ad my many kitty bases. :3
posted by nindroid
Carisa POV

I woke up. I was in a bed. Where am I? I woundered. You see, I had no clue where is was, or what happened. All I knew was my name. Just then the door to the room opened. " Oh, great you're up!" the one who spoke was a tall man.
" What happened?" I asked.
" I'm not sure what happened to you, but I found you passed out on the road. I brought you here." he replied.
" Where am I?" I asked.
" Keratine village, Ninjago." he told me.
" Is it okay if I go outside?"I asked him. He nodded. I slowly got to my feet. and I walked out the door. The sight was amazing. villagers worked in their feids,...
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posted by JayWalker101
LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu is a comedy-action family telebisyon ipakita shown on Cartoon Network. It is based on LEGO's Ninjago theme, but its plot is only loosely based on the sets.
The first two episodes of the first season were released on December 2, 2011. The rest of the season aired in February, March, and April 2012.Before LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu
"Long before time had a name, Ninjago was created sa pamamagitan ng the first Spinjitzu Master sa pamamagitan ng using the four weapons of Spinjitzu: the Scythe of Quakes, the Nunchucks of Lightning, the Shurikens of Ice, and the Sword of Fire. Weapons so powerful,...
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Hello, i am vety, your host for this article, and now, we begin in 3..........2...............1.................

Jay plush POV.
it's noon, my owner and his family is going on a camping trip, we arrived at the campsite at 4, they set the camp up, while i get ready for the battle at night. 10:00 P.M. , my owner is asleep and his family too, me and the other plushies got ready for the nightmares to arrive...

Shadow nightmare POV.
me and my nightmare army arrived at the campsite, we strike at once, we knew the ninja-plushies are outnumbered. we clashed through the night until there only 7 of us, we...
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posted by BubblesAndAce
Alright, so this will be my first Ninjago fanfiction, so the characters' personalities and stuff might be a little bit off. Just tell me if I do anything wrong. (Lol, her pets' names are just my username!)
So, less than half way into Pagsulat this, I realize that I will probably not be finished before the susunod year. If I do, it'll be a miracle. -.-
Edit: I'm just going to ilathala this in chapters, then. ^.^


Meet Olivia Jones, an average girl, living in the not-so-average world of Ninjago. Olivia has navy blue eyes, and curly blonde hair. Her...
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posted by nindroid
Carisa POV

It has been a week since Lloyd released the Serpintine. The ninja and I were training. Just then, the kampanilya rang. It sounded like a gong. "Mail!" Shouted Cole. The ninja ran to the door. Zane stayed put. The ninja came back.
"Hey Zane? How come you never get any mail?" Kai asked him.
"I have no family. I have been a orphan all my life." He responded. I was shocked.
"M-me to." I studdered. Now it was Zane's turn to looked shocked. The other ninja were surprised as well. " Honestly, I woke up the araw Sensei found me." I told them.
"I woke up a buwan before Sensei found me." Zane said.
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Cole POV

I felt my face come up against something cold and hard. I looked, and backed away. Samukai stood in front of me. "Boo!" He shouted, this was the signal for the others attack. The ninja and I started to fight as well.
" Hey! It's just like the training course!" ibon ng dyey pointed out. He went through the actions. Soon, a blue tornado stood were ibon ng dyey was just was.
" What's the key?" Kai asked.
" Just going through the motions!" ibon ng dyey shouted back. Soon Kai was a tornado of fire. I followed their lead. Now Zane and I spun round and round as well.

Carisa POV

Each ninja spun into their tornados, and I...
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posted by Mockinjay1400
Read the nakaraan chapter!

There I sat, alone on the peak of the hugest mountain. No one around but Sarah.
But she could not hear me, and was possibly dead.
It all started about the same morning as Jazz arrived, except way earlier:

I woke up much before the guys, or even Sensei Wu.
I marched onto the deck to do some training.

After and oras or so, everyone got up and went to breakfast. I got the mail and went in.
"Jay, there's something from your parents…" I said, calling out the mail.
Cassidy had slid from the room when I found a larger package with her name.
"Hey Cassidy! There's something...
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posted by Mockinjay1400
Chapter Two: Yush! We Met Da Ninja!!

Universal remote ch 2
Mikey's POV
All of a sudden- THUMP!! I hit the ground, the wind knocking out of my chest. Someone had landed right beside me, because the was a cough and a struggle to inhale.
"Kelcey?" I got up. There was nothing to lean against so I sat back down. "man, is it foggy! Where are we?" I asked.
"there's a light in the distance. Let's check it out." she said.
So we began walking, and when we got to the source, we couldn't believe our eyes. 
"Ninjago City!" I exclaimed. Ninjago City? Awesome!
"Woah!" Kelcey stepped back in surprise.
"what?" I asked....
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good guy characters:
Sensei Wu

Pythor P. Chumsworth





Ed · Edna · First Spinjitzu Master · Lou · Mailman · Dr. Julien · Patty Keys · Dareth · Captain Soto · No-Eyed Pete · Bizarro Ninja · Brad Tudabone · Gene · Rufus Macallister · Mystake · Carradi · Kai and Nya's Father · Gayle Gossip · Tour Bus Driver

Written sa pamamagitan ng vetyking14

The End
posted by vetyking14
This is my life in ninjago ( in my dream )

Vety's POV
today i woke up great, i hear birds singing, some chicken being torn apart piece to piece sa pamamagitan ng a farmer, and everyone is still snoring, today was my turn to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner
and the things i baked was muffins, cake, and pie. i served the breakfast at the table, " um is this stuff even real breakfast? " cole said, " yeah i think so :3 " i sinabi , sensei wu came for breakfast " sensei want some cake?" i asked, " did you baked muffins again....?" he asked, " 13 to be exact " i commented, after breakfast the ninja got training to do...
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shadow-like nightmare POV.
As i was defeated that night, and i planned a revenge to that foolish Guardian, he defeated me, and left me, in shame, since that night i gathered as many as allies in the neighbourhood and made and army of nightmares, as the moon rises, and the sun sets, my allies began to attack the house, and goes to the bedroom, we hid ourselves and prepare to attack the guardian and ( you know, i dont actually know what nightmares do to the children they capture , so lets just say) do the nightmare......thing to the children.

Jay plush POV.
i waited and waited for the nightmares...
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posted by Mockinjay1400
So, I had drem last night, with the ninjas, One Direction, and Myself. And my mom, sister, and oc's:
So, it was storming realy bad, and about half of Louisiana was stuck under a roof.there was a really long line for food. while she comforted my sister, i waited in line. About 3 hours later, the storm was even worse, and my mom called me back and sinabi we would just walk home. Then, i heard a voice. "Hey!" it said. I turned round and almost passed out. Harry Styles was standing right there. "H- Harry St- St- Styles?" i stuttered. he smiled broadly and opened his rms as i raced over to hug him,...
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Hello, Guys i know this isn't Ninjago related, But we need to help the Global Comunity on Earth oras 2013, This will happen at 23rd Of March 08:30 P.M. 2013, Lets help the Global Comunity and save the earth!

And please, this is for OUR planet with over 1 million people living on it, Go to to find out more, and or if you want to sumali the Global Comunity

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and remember, i will if you will
 Great pader of China
Great wall of China
 Brazil (2)
Brazil (2)
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Chapter Three: Lost, Nawawala and Found.

Kelcey's POV
The ninja let us stay the night. And we just sleep on the floor in Nya's room. She seemed a bit psyched to have another girl here. I wouldn't blame her. 
That morning when I got up, it was like 8 o'clock. I looked in my. Backpack, which seemed to have grown another compartment, was full of clothes. I picked out a cute white sando with a pair of glasses printed on them, a pair of jeans, and combat boots. I walked out to see the ninja eating breakfast, and I sat in between Zane and Mikey. And I must admit, I got a bit nervous. I didn't much like...
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posted by Mockinjay1400
Chapter One: TV Through Time

Kelcey's POV
Yeah, just a normal day, rocking it with my neighbor and som friends. I had on black combat boots, black jeans, a black sweater, a black sleeveless vest, a unan case that was cut up and seen to look like a mask, a grey scarf around my waist, and to tie it all together, I had a bunch of paper towel tubes taped together and painted gold. Beside me, Lucas, my neighbors cousin and on of my best mga kaibigan outside school, was on jeans, blue sneakers, a blue and white sando and a blue baseball cap. His little cousin, Chad, had on red rain boots, jeans, a red...
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