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Ok, I seriously need help.

Ok, I am a 14 taon old GIRL that is currently NOT single--with a GUY(Michael)-
but wait!

Umm, I have a best friend(Carolyn), and she has had about 3 boyfriends while Michael is my first,
right now Carolyn is single but yesterday we went to this abandoned house susunod to our school with some of her new basketbol friends, but when they had to go tahanan she sinabi she wasn't going with them that she would stick around with me, but when I needed to go she held be down and sinabi that she wants to be alone with me for a sec-so I sinabi fine.
She then took my hand and sinabi a bunch of cheesy best friend stuff about how we've been best homies sinse ever and all that then she held my cheaks and kIsSeD me!
And after she stopped we were quiet for like 5 minutos then my mom called me, so I left.
And now I'm confused...cause I kinda liked it, and I never felt so...
Even with my boyfriend, so what do I do?
Do I talk to her or something? Even if I do, I wouldn't know what to say!
 Freaxxx posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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KatiiCullen94 said:
Okay, I think i can give you some advice.

You pair are 14. And you both had/have BF, meaning your friend may be Bisexual. But at the same is at the age of 14, everything is soo new, you want to experience everything now and then.
If your acatually worried that she may have a crush or feelings for you, don't stress, because no matter what age a woman is, they will at least once feel something for a another woman. But being young means nothing's permant.
Follow your heart. What does your sex-drive tell you. When you get horny who do you think of without any control on the thought. Do you think of her kiss,not because it was so shocking but because you want to do it again and again.

Also, experimenting with mga kaibigan HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. I know me and my best friend fuck every sleepover, single or not . (we've cheated with each other :P)But still no strings attached.

Close your eyes, and imagine yourself holding her hand, standing behind her and holding her waist, brushing her hair, looking at her lips, embracing in the photos. Can you picture yourself being with her, or does it upset or gross you out.
Since the kiss, have you been thinking about what it be like if another girl kissed you?

But being at the early stages of teen means that you beleive and want to experiment and be unique, but time will reveal wheither where your puso lies. Don't stress yourself out, and dont make your friendship awkward.

But if you want to talk to her, just talk to her, she's still your friend right, talk to her normally. She kissed you, so It's not like its going to be a shock to her.

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posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas 
Actually, I have been thinking about that, the idea just makes me feel good...and I do think about it again and again, when I think about being with her I kind of like it. I just wish I could be like her and not be afraid of being teased and stuff, people call her 'Hot Les' or 'Sexy Lesbo' all the time...mainly guys of course -.-' but I'm kind of worried about that, and that only.
Freaxxx posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Im scared of that too. Like i pag-ibig my girlfrend Anna, but we pag-ibig each , not those people. If you want to be with her , be with her and when those bohy say something, its because they are just jealo9us they you have her and they dont, they are just insurre, you've won no matter what name they call you, cause really you are in a happy relationship and they are not.
KatiiCullen94 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Thats great! I hope you guys last long! :)
Freaxxx posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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