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posted by mooshka
Queen of Caskett/Castle & RR/Friends

HOLLY: My baby Snow <3 Maria is like the human definition of a cupcake! She's adorable and sweet and you just want to smile when you talk to her! She's so fun to talk to and i love chatting with her about anything and everything.

ADE: I have missed you SO MUCH this year. I know it has been a very busy year for you honey but I missed you so much. I feel like we really need to catch up somehow. I always love talking to Maria because 1) We tend to love lots of the same things (lp, peyton, rr, snow, derena...) and 2) her kindness/simplicity. I always picture Maria with a smile on her face and she inspires happiness. I never see her complaining and duuuh she is SO fun to talk to.

BEE: Probably the person I'm most like here, I mean, we struggle finding friendships because we relate to so many of the same characters. I've missed her over the past few months but I know her hard work will pay off. Thank you for always being there, love you.

INES: Maria and I didn't really have the occasion to talk a lot mostly because of exams, but it's gonna change soon ! I often think we'd be really close if we had the opportunity to talk more, because I don't know why, but I think we have a lot in common personality-wise. <3

NEREA: She seems to be a very friendly and kind girl. I have seen very few of her, but all of them were good things. It would be nice to know more about her because she seems to be a good friend.

ATIE: Mar boo.Maria is so great.She's so kind.She's such a sweetheart.She's an awesome friend.She is always there if I need her.Her smile just brightens up everything.She's one of the most amazing person I've ever know

JESS: Sadly I'm not as close to her as I wish I would be, but she is so bubbly and lovely <3 I know she loves friends and Quat and she is also in the brathan club so she already has a spot in my heart <3

ELLE: Over the last week and a bit of coming back to the LPF Maria has been one member I have gotten to know quickly and I honestly think we are becoming quite close friends. Our love for OQ and Regina as well as or girl Rachel Berry make conversations amazing, and I think her personality is amazing just like her. I am enjoying our fangirling over our Main Queens and I can’t wait for more fangirling in the future.

NIC: This time words are definitely not enough. I could not fully describe my best friend in the world in 3-5 sentences, that's ridiculous... But all I can say is that she is the best person (and MY person) I've met and I cannot picture my life without her annoying existence in! ly berry bitch xxxxxxx

FATEMEH: Spencer to my Emily <3 Maria is my Outlaw Queen buddy. I love fangirling with her so much. She’s one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. I can talk to her about anything. She’s always there no matter what. I love you.

AMBER: Maria is someone who can brighten my day just by me reading her comments or looking at her tumblr, there’s just something about her that can always cheer me up! She is so so dedicated to her studies and her work, which I really admire because I am such a procrastinator and perfectionist that I kind of just sit there :P And she is always there for her friends, and I know that if I ever need her she would help me in a heartbeat! Love you <33

ALINE: You're my little snowflake! You're just one of the sweetest and kindest person in this family and I'm really lucky and honored to be one of your friends. You’re just this beacon of light here that I can’t imagine being gone. You're just plain awesome and I love you fangirl buddy <3

RACH: I love this precious girl so much. She's so kind, genuine, talented, sweet and so selfless. I think she is one of the most hard-working people I have ever met and I admire her so much. I can talk to her about anything and she never, ever judges. She is so kind-hearted and has such an amazing future ahead of her. I am so lucky to call her my friend!! <333

RANA: ; My little munchkin sis<3 Adore this girl! Seriously Maria is like my little sister and she’s one of the easiest people to talk to. Sometimes when life gets in the way we don’t talk for days but when we do we just pick up right where we left off and it’s like nothing has changed. She’s also one of the people I feel super protective over, so if you mess with Maria I will bite your head off :P Seriously I love you Maria you’re always there for me! Love you my Meredith.

KIR: You seem like such a smart and nice girl! I love talking to you :D

CELINE: link
posted by XxXrachellXxX
5th of May

Hi, guys! Back with another article, I am! ;)


It seems that a lot has happened in the LF during one week.
What, you might ask? Well, Kelly bought a new watch. And according to her, it cost quite a lot. But hey, why not? A watch is an important thing for a person. Especially someone like me, who tends to misplace her phone a lot, so nowhere to see the time. Except, obviously, for people who do have watches, like our LP lover here. I don't have a watch. I'd probably lose it, anyway.
And a few of you girlies seem to have been going through a quite a hard time lately, so I'm just...
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posted by XxXrachellXxX
Stefan Salvatore returns to an american small town, Mystic Falls, after a long time of hiding, his intentions being living a normal life. He meets Elena Gilbert, a 17-year old girl, who's just Nawawala her parents in a car accident. And that's where the story begins.
The Vampire Diaries, a ipakita on the CW, is an american horror/drama series from the taon 2009. It's based on L.J. Smith's books, but the story in the tv-show is a lot different from the book stories.
The Vampire Diaries is about madami than just Bampira and relationship drama. Along with vampires, witches, mga asong lobo and doppelgangers...
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 Leyton Family Musical:Elle♥
Leyton Family Musical:Elle♥
Song:Umbrella sa pamamagitan ng Rhianna
*Bolded parts are what I feel fits Elle best!
You have my puso
And we'll never be worlds apart
Maybe in magazines
But you'll still be my bituin

Baby ?cause in the dark
You can't see shiny cars
And that's when you need me there
With you I'll always share

When the sun shines, we?ll shine together
Told you I'll be here forever
Said I'll always be a friend
Took an oath, I'ma stick it out till the end

Now that it's raining madami than ever
Know that we'll still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella
You can stand under my umbrella

(Ella ella, eh eh eh)...
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 Why did she feel like she'd already fallen completely in pag-ibig with him, then?
Why did she feel like she'd already fallen completely in love with him, then?
Cast (in this chapter)
Rose Leslie: Rachel Lannister
Inés Targaryen: Emilia Clarke
Daario Naharis: Ed Skrein

Rachel entered the dining hall for breakfast that morning with a smile on her face. Robb had already been gone when she'd woken up, but she knew she'd see him soon enough. And that made her feel ridiculously excited.
"I told you", Inés sinabi in amusement when she saw the look on her friend's face. "So I guess you've already gone through the first two phases. halik and bedding. And now all that remains..."
Is nothing", Rachel said. "It's not like we can ever be together. I'm a Lannister, he's...
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 Even though his feelings for her never faded, he managed to forget about her and then resumed traveling through realms, eventually always going back to Neverland, where he couldn't grow up.
Even though his feelings for her never faded, he managed to forget about her and then resumed traveling through realms, eventually always going back to Neverland, where he couldn't grow up.
Cast (in order of appearance):
Aline Morrison: Dianna Agron
Rachel Leslie/Jaime Locksley: Lily James
Richard Stark/Prince Robb: Richard Madden
Paul Salvatore/Prince Stefan: Paul Wesley
Ian Salvatore: Ian Somerhalder
Celine Portman/Princess Aurora: Natalie Portman
Nicolas Grace/Peter Pan: Topher Grace
Jessica Day/Wendy Darling: Zooey Deschanel
Colin Jones/Killian Jones: Colin O'Donoghue
Atie Reed: Crystal Reed
Holly Dobrev: Nina Dobrev
Tyler Hale: Tyler Hoechlin
Irene Thorne/the Evil Queen: Eva Green
Maria Michele/CInderella: AnnaSophia Robb
Prince Darren: Darren Criss
Amber Brie: Alison Brie
James Ford: Josh...
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reyna of Nawawala & Derek/Tyler

ADE: We are not that close but I feel like I know her. I admire her bravery and independence. She does not have the perfect life but still she gets up and work and tries her best. I also pag-ibig that she is a Sterek lover, I am too <3 She is very passionate and kind. I wish we could talk madami though because I think I could learn a lot from her.

BEE: I'd say Holly's the person I admire most. I've always felt Holly's like my mother on the spot. She's always caring for me and looking out for me, no matter what's happening to her. She has a special place in my heart...
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posted by mooshka
reyna of Finnick/Sam & The Vampire Diaries

HOLLY: My bestie boo ♥ I don't even think i can explain how much i pag-ibig Fatemeh, and all that this girl means to me. Fatemeh was one of four people that i reached out to one night a little over a taon ago, when things were just really terrible, and her response and concern for me was just so touching... our friendship just exploded from there really. She's become one of my go-to people, i feel like if i ever killed someone, i could call Fatemeh and she'd say "I'm sure they deserved it. Tell me where to meet you and I'll help you dispose of the...
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