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posted by mooshka
 Leyton Family Musical:Kelly♥
Leyton Family Musical:Kelly♥
Song:I'll be there for you: Rembrandts

*Bolded part is the what we feel fits Kelly the best:)

So no one told you life was gonna be this way
Your job's a joke, you're broke, your pag-ibig life's D.O.A.
It's like you're always stuck in segundo gear
When it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even
your year, but

I'll be there for you
When the rain starts to pour
I'll be there for you
Like I've been there before
I'll be there for you
'Cause you're there for me too

You're still in kama at ten and work began at eight
You've burned your breakfast so far, things are going great
Your mama...
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posted by Nicolas97
 A RL friendship that fit us really well IMO <3
A RL friendship that fit us really well IMO <3
Hello guys =]

Soooo, I don’t know if the news there sinabi it but today is the birthday of the lamest asong babae of the world, Celine. And I know you all hate her buuuut today let’s pretend we don’t ok? OK!
To make myself seem like a nice guy and hide my bitchiness I made an artikulo of 100 little things we pag-ibig in Celine and maybe she’ll believe it or maybe she’ll say the classic “I’m not that epic but thank you!” which will make me mad and I’ll kill her before she has the chance of turning 20.

No further boring chip chat, let’s go on to the main course.

#1; Celine has talent, pure...
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posted by XxXrachellXxX
 As she looked over the town of Rosedell, the few-storey brick buildings, the trees, the shops, the square, the park, and the grey sky above...
As she looked over the town of Rosedell, the few-storey brick buildings, the trees, the shops, the square, the park, and the grey sky above...
*Please note that if your character wasn't in chapter 1, it doesn't mean he/she won't appear. Latest in the susunod chapter, we promise. Consider this chapter madami as a prologue chapter than anything else. It's quite short for that reason.*

Cast (in order of appearance in the chapter):
Irene Thorne/Evil Queen: Eva Green
Rachel Leslie: Lily James
Albie Collins: Lily Collins
Nicolas Grace: Topher Grace
Snow White: Ginnifer Goodwin
Tyler Hale: Tyler Hoechlin
Aline Morrison: Dianna Agron
James Ford: Josh Holloway
Maria Michele: AnnaSophia Robb
Celine Portman: Natalie Portman
Ian Salvatore: Ian Somerhalder
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posted by Jessica4695
 You became real mga kaibigan to me <3
You became real friends to me <3
Some nice words from your paborito Jess,right? :P
Well pasko is coming & as much as I pag-ibig the Secret Santa, I still wanted to give something to all of you . So I decided to put my pag-ibig for each one of you into words & I hope you like it {well of course you like it, I mean you get compliments,right?}
Btw, while listening to this have this song as a backkground sound: link

Nad ;
For me Nad has this really underrated artistic side. She is so talented with graphics & should get a lot madami credit for what she does.She is really funny,which you can see on her tumblr post often &she...
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posted by XxXrachellXxX
 Laura's beautiful OTP <3
Laura's beautiful OTP <3
I would like you all to know my very good friend, Laura. I think you already do know her, she goes sa pamamagitan ng the username leytonfaan_18 here on fanpop and sa pamamagitan ng givemetradegy on tumblr and she's totally awesome. Now I shall share my view of this person with all of you.
Oh, and excuse me if my view of life seems really dark in this article, this is one of those days ;P Laura will understand <3

1. Laura is an incredible friend. She's always there for you when you need her and god knows, she lets me fangirl about GoT all I like ;P She's loyal and smart and she gives great advice. Anyone who isn't her friend...
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Everything I want to do before I die is on this listahan ♥

1.Fall in love
2.Go to Disney land
3.Travel the world
4.Go to New York
5.Watch the Ball drop in Time square on New years
6.Kiss in the Rain
7.Marry the pag-ibig of my life
8.Sleep under the stars
9.Kiss underwater
10.Meet my online friends
11.Scuba Dive
12.Watch a meteor Shower
13.Lose my virginity with someone I love
14.Watch all the harry potter pelikula in one da
15.Go on a road trip
16.Build a treehouse
17.Ride in a hot air balloon
18.Write a book even if it never gets published.
19.Visit the wizarding world of harry potter
20.Ride an Elephant
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posted by mooshka
 Celine weds Stefan♥
Celine weds Stefan♥
This is from Rach and I for all of you♥ Same mga aktres and pag-ibig interests from ADF! It's just a fun, fluffy cheesy, little piece;)

Atie Reed took a deep breath and brushed her short brown hair out of her brown eyes and walked into the wedding hall. She looked around and smiled when her eyes landed on the sign. "Celine weds Stefan." she whispered to herself. She couldn't believe Celine and Stefan were actually getting married today. After all the drama and rollercoaster of emotions they had made it.
She turned around and her smile...
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posted by mooshka
Here is the official listahan of the winners of the LPF Awards, 2011! All the winners truly deserved it and some of the runners up were reaaallllllly close!♥

*Most Outgoing LPF Member?
*Most talanted LPF Member?
*Most Shy LPF Member?
*Most Craziest LPF Member?
*Most Funniest LPF Member?
*Meanest LPF Member?(In a good way)
*Nicest LPF Member?
*Most creative LPF Member?
*LPF Member with the best ideas?
*LPF Member thats always there no matter what?
So many people were nominated for this category and even when...
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posted by XxXrachellXxX
 Why aren't you pagbaba this artikulo about Atie yet?
Why aren't you reading this article about Atie yet?
It's ATIE'S turn!

My paborito things about her:

1) She's down to earth
- Atie is very realistic and aware of the world, and I pag-ibig that. It's a quality I always notice and value. She doesn't think too much of herself (even though she's epic) and she doesn't... you know, have unrealistic expectations. What I'm saying is that she is not naive. Which is good. She is going to do so well in life. She's going to kick everyone's ass.

2) She's modest
- Damn right. She never believes me when I say her icons are amazing, which they are. And she is not at all confident about her writing, either. That's really...
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posted by XxXrachellXxX
 Go read this artikulo about Maria, please and thank you.
Go read this article about Maria, please and thank you.
MARIA'S turn!

My paborito things about her:

1) She's so hard-working
- Maria is often pretty stressed out about school, as are we all, I'd assume. She works so hard to be great, and I know it pays off because from what I've heard, she's basically Hermione when it comes to intelligence and schoolwork. And even in her free time she makes an effort to be there for her mga kaibigan whenever they need her, and I feel like she definitely deserves madami time to relax!!

2) She's very smart
- Absolutely. I haven't actually read any of her schoolwork, but again, from what I've heard, she's very intelligent. It...
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 Amber and Sawyer ♥
Amber and Sawyer ♥
Well, I just wanted to write a Sawmberry fic and then my Jamber feels started to kick in and I made you this angsty piece of crap on your birthday when you should be happyXD lmao. Anyways, it's short but I hope you like it:) Oh and I know Rach wrote you an Amber/Sawyer story but the two really don't go together at all lol. Oh and arts not mine, duh.
When your tears are spent on your last pretense
And your tired eyes refuse to close and sleep in your defense
When it's in your spine...
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posted by mooshka
Well, I guess artikulo are now going to be my thing for birthdays lol... until I learn to make other things;)

yayayayayayaya! Not only is it your birthday but in a few weeks you're also going to be graduating:O So exciting couple of weeks for you, huh?

Don't be sick of me:P:
Well, I'm just going to start of sa pamamagitan ng saying something I've told you like a million and one times and you're probably sick out of your mind from hearing me say it...
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posted by XNaley_JamesX
NOTE: layout not ready yet, as usual :P

Chapter 4: One Step Closer

“I have a surprise for you.” Richard sinabi while embracing his love. She was cooking breakfast for him, like she always did. It was something she would never stop doing.
“What kind of surprise?” Rachel queried.
“Can’t tell you.” he smirked.
“Oh come on! You can’t just tell someone you have a surprise for them like that and just leave it there. That’s just plain mean!” she complained.
Richard hated seeing her this agonized, but for some reason he couldn't stop smiling.
“I’m sorry but if I tell you, the surprise...
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posted by XxXrachellXxX
 "I do, but maybe you're too in pag-ibig to notice them"
"I do, but maybe you're too in love to notice them"
Chapter 3: mga kulay and promises

Celine had been waiting sa pamamagitan ng the phone for hours to hear the good news. How could she just not think about the fact that one of her best friend might just have gotten engaged to the man of her dreams?
"Why haven't they called yet?" Celine whined. It was already the susunod morning and Paul and Celine were at the breakfast mesa with Paul flipping through the newspaper.
"I'm sure they will when they have the time, darling", Paul smiled. "Stop worrying. I'm sure everything went as planned."
"But what if it didn't?"
"It did."
"But what if it didn't?" Celine groaned. "Do you...
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 results are up! Good luck <3
results are up! Good luck <3
Yeap, this thing is ready ♥

Winners List

#01; Nic & Maria (84 votes)
#02; Margot & Celine (71 votes)
#03; Rachel & Diana (64 votes)
#04; Atie & Bee (63 votes)
#05; ale & holly (56 votes)
#06; Laura & Rachel (37 votes)
#07; Moosh & Amber (34 votes)
#08; Laura & Bee (26 votes)
#09; holly & Atie (21 votes)
#09; Celine & Rachel (21 votes)
#11; Angi & Moosh (19 votes)
#12; Laura & Amber (18 votes)
#12; Moosh & Rachel (18 votes)
#14; Laura & Maria (13 votes)
#15; Celine & Nic (12 votes)
#16; Angi & Moosh & ale (11 votes)
#17; Angi & ale (9 votes)
#18; Aline & Ade (8 votes)
#18; Nic & Ade (8 votes)
#20; Rachel & holly (5 votes)
 Winners #1; Nic & Maria
Winners #1; Nic & Maria
 Winners #2; Margot & Celine
Winners #2; Margot & Celine
 Winners #3; Rachel & Diana
Winners #3; Rachel & Diana
 Winners #4; Atie & Bee
Winners #4; Atie & Bee
 Winners #5; ale & holly
Winners #5; Ale & Holly
posted by mooshka
 Happy Holidays LPF♥
Happy Holidays LPF♥
uy Leyton Family♥ Happy Holidays! I wish I could make you all a little something but unfortunately I don't have the time {and honestly talent} for that:P So I thought I'd write you all a little artikulo telling you guys how much I pag-ibig and appreciate all of you. And I truly mean that with all my heart♥ You're all epic, amazing souls and I don't know what I would do without all of you♥ pag-ibig YOU ALL SO MUCH.
So before I start saying individual messages to all the family members that are still active I want to say a little message to all the family that has left. You guys probably won't...
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posted by XxXrachellXxX
 They're so epic together that they even kick THG's asno
They're so epic together that they even kick THG's ass
Yeah I sort of copied Peeta&Katniss, I had to. Sorry :P And no, art is not mine.


When Finnick Odair and Fatemeh Pierce were chosen as the tributes for District 4 in the 65th Hunger Games, the whole District celebrated. They were both amazing fighters, intelligent, good with survival skills, and quick thinkers. One of them would surely win.
But what no one could anticipate that during the games the two fell in love. It happened slowly. They agreed from the get go that they would be allies until the end. They had been mga kaibigan before the games, so it seemed logical.
The arena...
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Note: Merry pasko Ray! This fanfic is for you because you're an amazing, supportive, crazy, kind, and epic friend and I pag-ibig you! This fic was inspired sa pamamagitan ng a short film I saw (the name I can't remember) and while it is very romantic, I still hope you pag-ibig it :)
Richard Madden as Richard “Rich” Madden
Sophie Turner as Rachel
Charles Dance as Rich’s boss

It was a windy December araw in the city of New York, as everyone was getting ready for their daily Monday routine. “Another day, another dollar”, thought Rich as he was waiting for his train to work at the office.
“Very windy...
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posted by XxXrachellXxX
It's CELINE'S turn!

My paborito things about her:

1) She's so talented
- Celine is one of the most talented people I know. First, her icons and fanarts are to die for. I think my paborito is still the me/Robb halik icon she made me, because I think we can all agree that that was... Celine, do you use magic in your fanarts/icons? Because that would be understandable. Anyway, yes, you are the fanart/icon reyna of the spot, there is no denying that. But your Pagsulat is also incredible (way better than she'd ever admit herself), and it's one of my paborito things in the world to be Pagsulat our fic...
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posted by XxXrachellXxX
 Amber is super duper awesome.
Amber is super duper awesome.
First up, AMBER!

My paborito things about her:

1) She's incredibly modest
- I think we can all agree that Amber is super talented with anything fanart-related (her icons, the twitter fanarts etc....) and she's always really humble and modest about it, and I really admire her for that. And I've heard she's a brilliant writer, too, but unfortunately I haven't read anything sa pamamagitan ng her yet :/ But yes, she's very modest, maybe even too much. Give yourself madami credit, you're epic!

2) She's an awesome fangirl
- Most of the time, to me, anyway, Amber seems really put together and calm, but sometimes I just...
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