Leyton Family<3 [COPYING] The LPF members that remind me of paborito fandoms ; which one do you agree with the most ?

Pick one:
The Vampire Diaries > Maryam
The Hunger Games > Bee
Supernatural > Aline
One puno burol > Celine
Prison Break > Maryam
American Horror Story > Maryam
The Following > Maryam
Pretty Little Liars > ale
Nikita > Moosh
Game of Thrones > Rachel
Teen lobo > holly
Once Upon a Time > Maria
True Blood > Ade
Reign > Maryam
Hannibal > Maryam
balat UK > Moosh
Glee > Nic
The Originals > Atie
palaso > Bee
Ravenswood > Moosh
 tvdlover posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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