Leyton Family<3 [videos countdown] pick your favorite; category fandom and it's song (see comment)

Pick one:
ross&rachel I with or without you [maria]
lucas&peyton I heartbeats [moosh]
harry potter cast I end of an era [nad]
brooke&lucas I remember it all too well [holly]
edward&bella I the araw we met [celine]
man in black (lost) I once I was real [amber]
teen lobo I war [atie]
the vampire diaries I losing your memory [fatemeh]
katherine pierce (5x11) I narcissistic cannibal [ines]
mark&lexie I say something [nic]
effy stonem I innocence [bee]
dean winchester I napakataas na gusali [ade]
tyrion lannister I broken crown [rachel]
 AdeTiffSan posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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