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posted by heartcallian
Here's a little Cal/Gillian fanfic I wrote and decided to post. Lotsa fluffiness :)

Gillian sighed as she opened the front door to The Lightman Group. Just another day. It was her birthday, but nothing usually ever happened. When she was with Alec he would take her out for dinner. But even that wasn’t a happy affair. Usually it would end in him coming up with some excuse as to why he had to leave early, or they would start fighting about something. This taon though, there was no Alec. No madami fighting, no madami excuses, no madami tears on her birthday. Even if she did nothing, she was happy...
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posted by tvshowfan
Foster was help captive, then is drowned in a lake or a pool. Lightman saves her life sa pamamagitan ng giving her CPR.
Later that night, LIghtman and his daughter are about to eat dinner.
And Foster shows up.
Lightman sagot door,
" Hey, um I just wanted to drop off this case file." Foster says.
Lightman gives her a funny look, and takes the file.
"Hey do you want to come in for a moment?" Lightman ask Foster.
"Um it looks like you are about to eat" Foster says observing Lightman's daughter setting the table.
"Yea that's okay, you can eat with us."
Foster pauses for a moment, and says okay.
The three of them have...
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So we were discussing Callian in the flail party pagtitip. but i figured that i would post it here too. Not that many people come to this spot (frowny face) but i figured it was madami likely to be seen here so here we go!

Many viewers on the ipakita would argue that Cal and Gillian are definitely heading into the relationship direction. I myself am one of them. While they are, at the moment, just mga kaibigan there is a mutual attraction there that is hard to hide and it affects their actions both towards one another and towards others. We'll start with Cal.

Ohh Cal. He is an interesting man. The best...
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posted by Juliana_House
 Think these are the moments Cal's talking about? (Tim Roth--Murder in the Heartland)
Think these are the moments Cal's talking about? (Tim Roth--Murder in the Heartland)
This was such an amazing episode, and I'm not just saying that, it really was. It shot right to my #1 paborito episode, and that's because it was just fantastic.
This ipakita really works well when it has just one case like this, and it keeps you hooked right until the end. That's how it should be. Just fantastic.

Since this is just a 1 case episode, I will only run over Cal's scenes/the ones in Afganistan because thats where the whole episode really took place.


Now we begin IN Afganistan, the war torn country, and a fantastic scene where 2 marines are captured. It's not fantastic that they were...
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posted by Juliana_House
I know that this is completley walang tiyak na layunin and out of the blue, but I did say that I would be Pagsulat about the one and only, so here it is!
Truth be told, before I go on with this, I have to say that Tim Roth is one of my paborito actors of all time, so at times I may be over glorifying him too much, but that's just me.

The whole point of this 'article' or 'opinion', as it were, is to let you see Cal Lightman as I see him, and ipakita you how I take everything that he does and analyze it until I can understand his motives and personality. (I know, I have absolutly nothing else to do.)
I watch Lie to...
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posted by Jello12423
I am loving Lie To Me even more!
This is a ipakita you got to watch! ( TELL UR FRIENDS)
In the season finale (season 3) " Killers App " You see not even madami growing between Cal and Gillian, but what most fans say,
"Best episode ever!" " soro we need more!"
"When does season 4 start?!"
I'm demanding madami as well. And as Lie To Me grows stronger and stronger, hitting madami than 7 million views, fans are also demanding the writers to ipakita madami of what's between Cal and Gillian.
Until season 4 starts, I will enjoy reruns!
posted by Juliana_House
Well here it is, folks! The araw we've all been waiting for for months!! The season 2 Premire of Lie to Me!! Wow! That just flew by, didn't it?! One segundo I'm going into Lie to Me withdrawal, susunod I'm curled up into a ball laughing histarically on the floor because my Cable box cut out in the middle of this episode! So I'm sorry ahead of time if I miss any details in the middle, but from what I saw in the rest of the episode, I think I pieced it together.
Now let's get this party started!!

We open with an INTENCE scene, lot's of blood, bringing to mind a Jack the Ripper case, and so it begins....
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posted by callianltm
TVLINE | When I spoke to Tim Roth at the start of this season, he sinabi Lie To Me was finally the ipakita it always wanted to be. Do you feel you fulfilled that promise?
CARY: Yeah, Tim feels we really kicked up a notch. He’s a happy camper, I think. He’s very keen that it comes back [in the fall].
TVLINE | In your minds, what distinguishes Lie To Me from other procedurals?
CARY: Character.
GRAZIANO: To me, it’s the only ipakita on telebisyon where the audience can learn the ability of the crime solver. The audience feels like on some level they might absorb the skill that Lightman has and be able...
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The best films are the ones that you can watch over and over and they never get stale. Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Aso are two of those films. They both have some very obvious elements in common. They were each directed sa pamamagitan ng Quentin Tarantino, and had the highly recognizable Tim Roth in prominent roles. We all recognize Tim Roth as the restaurant robber in Pulp Fiction, and as the police rat, Mr. Orange, in Reservoir Dogs. Since being a part of these iconic films, Roth has remained quite potent in the industry and has managed to add an impressive listahan of pelikula to his resume. But these days,...
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posted by livi_wells
Shivers ran down Gillian's spine, despite the fact she was curled under her quilt. Her blood still ran cold when her memories flashed to Cal being held at gunpoint, even though he was now safely asleep in the susunod room. She restlessly turned to see the faint red glow of the digital clock beside her. 3:41am. She was restless, her mind still racing from the day's events, her puso had not slowed to a comfortable pace since Cal had escaped with his life. Her eyes were wide open, but her lids still felt heavy, she could not bring sleep upon her. She was scared. She remembered Cal in the room next...
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posted by Juliana_House
Once again, I have got to say that I just LOVED this episode! (It might not count, concidering the fact that I pag-ibig EVERY episode) but this just a great episode. It was funny, intence, dramatic, INTERESTING, and Tim once again performed effortlessly. It was simply; amazing.

Brief Overview:
We begin with a quick opening scene with Cal and a group of guys all pointing mga baril at eachother, and "He's lying" is sinabi sa pamamagitan ng none other, and he get's shot. Oh dear Lord, he get's shot. WTF?!?!
After opening credits we see the subtitle '28 hours earlier' telling us that thankfully this hasn't happened yet, but...
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posted by Juliana_House
AKA: The Red Door.
This was another absolute brilliant episode, even if I'm not really a big tagahanga of the war, it's effects, ect. However, the writers did another fantastic job at holding my attention from opening scene to end credits.

From the opening scene I thought I was watching an episode of Criminal Minds, but it quickly took a madami psychological turn and Cal took over.
This episode introduced a neat new "Virtual Reality" senario, and Gillian's interest in that area, so I really hope we see madami on that rather than just being a one time thing...because let's face it, it WAS really cool.
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posted by Juliana_House
One of my paborito episodes this season, sa pamamagitan ng far. Last weeks episode I nearly died trying to keep up with my notes, and this one was a breeze. The 'A case' was interesting (something seemingly rare this season) and as was the 'B case'.
In short; I was impressed.


We begin with a Christmasy scene, and a crowd of people. Now since I live in Canada, I have no idea what Black Friday is except a suicide mission. People die trying to get into a store, for crying out loud...just walk into one any other day. Why go when theres thousands of people?!?!
Back to the case. A child slips on some ice, and her...
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posted by Vesme
Let's open your eyes

Song used in promo

Bon Voyage - Don't Lie (Promo #1)
Stacy Wilde - Lie To Me (Promo«Faces»)
Ari Hest - Little Lies (Promo #3)
Morrissey - Glamorous Glue (Promo #4)
Pretenders - Lie To Me (Promo «Exposed»)

Main Theme

Ryan bituin - Brand New Day

Pilot (01x01)
Aqualung - Easier to Lie (At the end)

A perfect score (01x03)
The Black Keys - Lies (At the end)

Love always (01x04)
Joshua Radin - I'd Rather Be With You (Wedding montage)

Unchained (01x05)
Johnny Cash - Unchained (Fireman funeral)

Do no harm (01x06)
Ryan Adams - Wonderwall (At the end)

The Best Policy (01x07)
Drive-By Truckers -...
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posted by livi_wells
Auhtor's Note: This fanfiction takes part after Gillian is attacked. It gives an alternate situation to the hospital scene.

When he grabbed her, her mind went blank. Her thoughts were consumed sa pamamagitan ng escaping his gasp. Screaming, clawing, thrashing, anything she could do to separate herself from her attacker. She felt him drag her along the ground. Cold and hard it scraped against he back as she tried to pull herself free. Her surroundings were obscured sa pamamagitan ng the flashes of black her mind saw, everything in slow motion where a segundo lasted what seemed like and hour. She felt him drop her. Footsteps...
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posted by Juliana_House
VEGAS BABY!! The episode we've been waiting for has been, and it was epic. Simply epic.
While this dosen't hold up to the drama the nakaraan episode delivered us, it can stand on it's own with the same formula as last weeks. And it really works well for this show, so let's get started!


We begin with another shooting (that seems to be the normal opening for this show, just as House is to people fainting or vomiting blood before opening credits.)
But once Cal steps in, he get's a warm welcome.
"Never thought I'd see it!"
"See what?"
"The araw they got Cal Lightman back in Vegas."


Professional liers,...
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posted by Juliana_House
Another mind blowing episode for another mind blowing season. I know I sound like a broken record, but it's true. (No pun intended)

And I can tell you, that I am extremley happy to finally have an episode dedicated to Ria and not just the relationship between Cal and Gillian. *Sigh of relief*

Now, I pag-ibig Ria. In all ways. I think she's an amazing character, and I really wish that she had madami screentime, so you can imagine my excitement when she was actually in the ipakita for madami than 2 scenes. *Yay*

I had heard roumours(?) about Ria's half sister for a while, and I'm glad to finally see it happen,...
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posted by Juliana_House
It feels just like an oras nakaraan when I wrote my last 'review'...but let's get started.

This episode was very case heavy, and the character's were centered around it. We finally saw madami Eli, and finally the consequences for his lie told in a nakaraan episode.

For the segundo time this series, I decided to hold a pencil and paper in my hand to take notes on this episode, there were so many things to jot down, I hope they help me out.
This case was a fairly decent one. We began with Cal and Gillian with her husband, and Cal, of course, proving his theory that her husband is with someone else. But,...
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posted by Juliana_House
Ok, first off, another WOW!! That episode didn't just happen, did it? Wasn't it great? So...let's break it down, shall we?

In this episode, we have a very interesting case that relates strongly to Gillian, and a case that messes with Eli and his ability to detect lies...(and tell the truth). We are pulled away from Cal, and we still remain hanging from that last mention of his past in 'Unchained', but they must wait for that to be covered, because right now, we are at that point in the ipakita where we need to know madami about the 'Secondary Characters', persay. So this episode was low on the...
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posted by Juliana_House
I don't know what to call this article, because I just need to get this out of my system. You don't have to read this, no one is making you. (Unless you happen to be Tim Roth, and tied to my chair with duct tape over your mouth, then ya, I AM forcing you to read this) But in the HIGHLY unlikely event that you are...(for now)...feel free to leave at any time.

So...Lie to Me*. It has aired 4 episodes so far, and already each of them are single handidly better than all episodes of House combined. There is something about this ipakita that will have a huge impact on my life, but I'm never going to...
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