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LLheart posted on Mar 04, 2014 at 01:44PM
Since Season 4 is officially over and the hiatus is going to turn into months of misery here for most of us how about the classic Questionnaire Game fellow faenatics?

(Please keep your comments civilized,after all we are all LG fans here right?)

1. Favorite character(s) on the show?

2. Least favorite character(s) on the show?

3. Favorite Fae?

4. Best Actor/Actress on the show?

5. Team Human or Team Fae?

6. Best episode?

7. Worst episode?

8. First character I fell in love with.

9. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now.

10. The character I used to love but I don’t any more.

11. If you could be one character who would it be?

12. Which Fae power would you like to have?

13. Favorite canon ship(s)?

14. Favorite crack ship(s)?

15. Favorite BrOTP?

16. Best quote(s)?

17. Favorite villain?

18. Favourite episode song(s)?

19. Which recurring character (alive or not) would you like to see again?

20. Would you rather be Light Fae, Dark Fae or Unaligned?

21. Which episodes do you prefer the most? Different Fae Case of the Week or the Story Arc episodes?

22. How many episodes per season? 13 or 22?

23. Your Top 3 Lost Girl Confessions.

24. Which actor(s)/actress(es) would you like to see making a guest star appearance in season 5?

25. How do you want to see the show end?
 Since Season 4 is officially over and the hiatus is going to turn into months of misery here for most
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas LLheart said…
Come on! Don't be shy fellow Faenatics....Guess I'll be the first one again!

1. (in no particular order) Kenzi,Vex,Lauren,Bo,The Morrigan
2. probably Tamsin
3. Vex, my sweet,psycho,pervert Mesmer
4. Ksenia Solo & Zoie Palmer (hands down)
5. Team Human all the way baby
6. ConFaegion (S3E03) BEST. EPISODE. EVER.
7. probably Ceremony (S3E09) but I can't be 100% sure after the big disappointment of Season 4
8. Lauren Lewis,the good Doctor
9. Lachlan the Naga (Best Ash IMHO)
10. WolfBoy Dyson
11. One of Bo's early human feeds 'cause what a better way to leave,with a huge blissful smile all over your face, this futile world behind?Right?:P
12. Hale's Siren powers
13. Doccubus
14. Bruce+Kenzi
15. The mascara buddies (Vex+Kenzi)
16. So many to remember all (my Top Best)
“Learn to enjoy your shit already” - Kenzi (S1E01)
“Hate's like beauty, baby. The real stuff fades, but it never dies.” - Saskia (S1E13)
“Mirror mirror on the wall, time to bust this bitch's balls!” - Kenzi (S2E04)
“Trust me, the shorter the lifespan, the deeper the quicksand.” - Kenzi (S3E01)
“So... many... glasses... must... polish.” - Trick (S3E05)
“Bitch, do I look like a wizard?” - Acacia (S3E10)
17. Massimo The Druid
18. So many to choose from (currently found in my mobile's playlist)
Coming for You Baby by Jay Price (S4E08) Bo's car-washing scene
I Want The DJ by Sonoton Music (S4E06) Lauren the Disco Queen
Wannabe by Spice Girls (S4E04) Bo & Kenzi dancing at the Dal
Hungry Like the Wolf by Duran Duran (S3E03) Dyson's bed dancing scene
19. Definitely Aife
20. Dark Fae (to quote Kenzi “Dark side for life!”)
21. Different Fae Case of the Week (less drama more fun)
22. Definitely 22 (13 episodes will never be enough)
23. #1 I found the S4E07 (La Fae Époque) mirror sex scene really HOT and I am SorryNOTSorry! :P LoL
#2 Trick's behavior the last 2 seasons has really started annoying the hell out of me.
#3 I am in love with Bo's yellow Camaro!
24. For starters Lisa Ray
25. After 10 seasons (if the 13 episodes per season pattern continues) and with a Doccubaby!