nawawal babae Uy Do You Have Any Tanong For The Writers?

servanttosilk posted on Jun 07, 2015 at 10:58PM
I have SOOOOO many questions for them, but I'm happy to kick this topic off with this one: IF there really were two seasons of 22 scripts that had to be pared down because SHAW didn't want to PAY for them - couldn't you just publish the things and sell them as ebooks or something, so season 3 and especially 4 would have made sense? Pretty please Mr. Firestone?

nawawal babae 2 ang sumagot

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas servanttosilk said…
Ms. Andres or Ms. Piazza: As far back as Season One - Dyson was "healing" Bo through all her cuts, gashes and stabbings. He definitely came in contact with her blood on a couple of those occasions. Has Dyson been "Bound" to Bo through her blood like Ryan was, but since Dyson is a Warrior has it been demonstrated as more a Serf to Ruler kind of thing? You had Bo say in Season 1 Episode 12, "Dyson, you have been mine for a very long time." In Season 3 Episode 13 Bo says to Dyson, "Whatever that thing (Dr. Taft) is, it needs to die." and Dyson reacts like it was a command. In Season 4 when Bo and Dyson are ambushed by the Zombies trying to get the Origin Seed, Bo turns to Dyson and commands him to fight them all. If he had been bound to her during season One, wouldn't he have been released by Kenzie doing the unbinding during the Garuda finale?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas servanttosilk said…
Next question: TAMSIN - (First a BIG HUG to whoever experienced a dumping like the one you put us through during S5E7 - so painful) When did she fall for Bo? Was it the "spin the bottle" kiss when they were kids in S3E3 or when Tamsin let Bo feed off of her in S3E6 while searching for Kenzi?
Follow up: Why couldn't Tamsin tell Bo how she felt BEFORE she got dumped? More importantly why couldn't Bo SEE Tamsin lighting up every time she got close? Surely Tamsin must have been suppressing her emotions, but she seems to lose it every time Bo was within a foot or two of her personal space.