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(since the nakaraan winner didn't get back to me, I interviewed Nanda instead.)

1. To begin with, why and when did you get into Lost?

Well, I started very late (during s5-s6 hiatus). Originally I was going to start it when s3 was airing because I was in pag-ibig with JJ Abrams (little did I know he had pretty much nothing to do with Lost). But a fake story made me angry with Lost, that it was responsible for JJ leaving Alias. So I started to hate the ipakita even without watching it *hides*
Then I met Emily (Emm_xD) and the only thing she talked about was Lost, haha. Eventually that got to me and I started the best ipakita ever.

2. Who is your absolute favourite character?

Juliet Head asong babae in Charge Burke. She is Juliet. And she is played sa pamamagitan ng Elizabeth Mitchell. Don’t need to go farther.

3. We all know Sawyer & Juliet are your favourite couple... who, after them, is your favourite?

Yay! S/J FTW! I think the whole Fanpop knows that, lol. I make sure to make it public. Hm… I think it’s a tie with Jate and Desmond/Penny. Jate story is beautiful and D/P is love.

4. What has been the best season and why?

Season one. The beginning, everything is so new and shiny. I’m really not a good person with “why”s (it hurts not to choose a season with Juliet *cries*)

5. What has been the best episode and why?

Seriously? This is impossible! I could make a huge list! Pilot is WOW! The End is perfect and beautiful. Through the Looking Glass is brilliant. And I’m addicted to One of Us… I’m biased though.

6. Besides Lost, what are your other main TV ipakita fixes?

Friends, Alias, Gilmore Girls and Lois&Clark.

7. Favourite actor and actress from the show?

Elizabeth Mitchell *put on link* and Michael Emerson

8. If you had a theory on how Nawawala would end, did it prove to be true or were you completely wrong?

I knew Jack’s eyes would be the last scene and, but that was obvious. I thought the sideways world would be their segundo chance and that everyone would die in the OT. Boy, was I wrong.

9. How did you react when Jack's eye closed at the very end?

The world was ending. I was crying like a baby and still in shock with the SW resolution.

10. Would you have wanted Nawawala to carry on for a couple madami seasons, or do you think it ended at the right time?

No, of course not! It ended at the right time. It was what Damon and Carlton wanted and they are the storytellers after all. They know better.

11. Would you consider Nawawala as your favourite TV show? Why or why not?

YES! There’s no other ipakita like Lost. I pag-ibig that it makes you think and go beyond the 40 minutos you watch every week. And even now that it is over I still talk about it every araw trying to figure out what happened. You will never find this on television; past, present or future. It gave us layered characters, iconic quotes, epic pag-ibig stories (I’m a sucker for romance so that counts)…

12. If you were stranded on the island, who do you think you would make mga kaibigan with straight away?

Hurley! I mean, he is the friendship man.

13. Who would you try to couple up with? ;)

James, if he were the man he was with Juliet. Regular Sawyer? No, thanks. Or Desmond. I don’t know if I would be able to handle all Jack issues, but I wouldn’t say no to him.

14. Do you have a favourite offscreen friendship?

Elizabeth Mitchell and Evangeline Lilly <3 I pag-ibig that they became best mga kaibigan on set. They are adorable together.

15. You get the opportunity to make a brand new TV show. You are allowed to pick one actor/actress from Nawawala and one actor/actress from another TV ipakita to bituin in your new show! Which ones do you pick?

ELIZABETH MITCHELL! (that was obvious, duh!) *wonders if she can work on ‘V’ and my ipakita at the same time. I’d pag-ibig double Liz* I wouldn’t mind watching her talking to a tree, which would probably the only thing I would come up with.
Other actor? Most of my paborito actors are movie starts and/or are dead, bummer. Then, Jennifer Garner. They could kick-ass together. And give Liz a gun, Lun (Liz+Gun) is my OTP! Plus, the episode that was missing on Nawawala dedicated to EM’s hair. And her eyes! *shuts up before everyone thinks she is crazy. Or is it too late?*

16. Uh-oh! MIB returns from the dead and tries to kill us all! Who do you think should save us?

Hurley! After all he is the new Jacob. Though I wouldn’t mind to call some super bayani out there, it wouldn’t hurt to be carried sa pamamagitan ng Superman *sigh*

17. If you could have changed ONE thing about the show, what would it be and why?

*please don’t hate me* Skate. I hate the tatsulok mess. It took time we didn’t have and fights to Nawawala tagahanga community. Pointless imo.

18. You see your favourite actor/actress from Nawawala walking down the street... what do you do?

19. If you had the chance to play a character on Lost, who would you be?

JULIET! Only if I have EM’s pagganap skills. I pag-ibig how complicated Juliet is. And I pag-ibig that she can go from harmless and insecure (NIP flashback), to a badass (Sawyer/Juliet/Sayid scene in OOU), to a loving ‘housewive’ in the 70’s (LaFleur) and extremely happy (The End). All kind of emotions! As a pagganap lover I’d pag-ibig to play that.

20. Pick the moment that...
Made you cry the most: Juliet’s death. The End as a whole.
Shocked you the most: TTLG last scene. “We have to go back”
Made you laugh the most: “Are you screwing Jack yet?” “No, are you?” (Jawyer!)
Made you the most confused: Christian and Jack scene in The End
Is the most epic for you: Jack’s eyes opening and closing

21. What, in your opinion, was the ipakita about this entire time?

The characters.

22. Will there ever be another ipakita like Lost?


23. Lastly, what are you going to do with your life now?

Talk about Lost? It’s the only, literally, thing I’ve been doing since LA X. I don’t know how to go back. *wonders how to fit Nawawala talk in unibersidad talks*

I just wanted to add a thanks to all who voted for me. And to all who make this spot the best on Fanpop <3
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1. When and how did you get into LOST?
I’m actually a newbie fan! It was my mom’s paborito ipakita and she thought that I would like it too so just this past summer, we rented all the DVDs and finished 5 seasons in one buwan and I was officially hooked!

2. Your favorite(and why):

a) Season
Season 1 for sure because it’s how it all got started! I loved the sense of mystery and getting to know the characters.

b) Episode
“Greatest Hits” definitely. It’s so sweet and emotional and I cry every time I watch it.

c) Character
Charlie Pace. I just pag-ibig everything about Charlie. Hence why I married...
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Rachel's third post in France.
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