Liam Zayn and Louis
louis is funny,cute and nice.

louis really want to go to the pelikula with his best friend stanley,
and louis called him

and stanley said:sorry lou but I am really very sick I can't with you to the cinema

and louis said:okey another time then,can you call me if you're better again

and stanley said:yes i call you,
louis schit he is sick and now
louis oh maybe harry
louis called harry
harry said:sorry lou but a have a family araw and I know that niall was going to do something with his mother so maybe liam,

louis said:okey i will call him
so louis called liam
liam said:Yes I really want with you to the cinema
and I know that zayn also has nothing to do.
I will call him if he wants to and louis said:yes okey

so liam called zayn and zayn said:yes liam I really want to go to the pelikula with you and with lou

liam called louis and said: that zayn quite like with their will and told lou to the cinema if it is good zayn and I come to your place and louis said:yes thats good

a an oras later they sit at louis´s House
and what movie we are going to look at sinabi liam
louis said:we can go to twilight or harry potter, or Ice Age zayn and liam said: Ice Age that is really nice
and louis said: Yes that's true okay we go to Ice Age

a half oras later they stand at the cinema
and two hours later they have seen the movie and louis said:
that was a fun movie this we must do again
and zayn and liam said:yes nice
* * * * * * * * * * * *

Louis Tomlinson