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chocolate10 posted on Jul 23, 2011 at 05:20AM
Chapter 1
I never understood love,until last summer. Well let me tell you the story.
I walked down the hall. It was dark. Gray cender block walls. It gave me the creeps. My brown hair tied back. My tanned skin looked really ugly in the light. Everyone thought I was a screw up. A mess up. An ugly thing against my beautiful family. They have blond hair,light skin,green eyes.... you get the point. My name is Alex. I don't like my last name so I don't use it. I'm at a school that feels like prison. This is my big break from anything I wanted. I'm in Montana in the middle of nowhere. My Bff was killed in a car accident. I'm stuck here and can't go to her funnerl. I walked to my classroom. I sat by a girl who looked like a cheerleader. A boy sat next to me on the other side. He murmered something like I just want my girlfriend back from this place. I can't remember anything from a month ago. When I disappered. When I was abandoned. The boy looked at me. His eyes got really big and then he looked away. After class he caught up with me. "Hey!" he called. I turned. 'Ummm hi?" "Marisa do you remember me?" he asked. "My names not Marisa it's Alex. And I have never seen you before." I responded. He paced. Like he was thinking. "What do you remember about one month and three days ago?" "Nothing,it's like I just appeared. "Marisa try!" this time I got a flash back. Blood and a face. I couldn't make out the face. "You have to remember."

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas chocolate10 said…
I wanted to make it longer but its my birthday and my mom made me prepare for it. So i'm not posting today.