pag-ibig How i met my Love... (Part2)

PrincessOfLuv posted on Jan 12, 2012 at 12:45AM
(4 days later, at the park with Christy, Amber-Marie & Cody playing frisbee)
Me:*toss frisbee* Go long Cody!!! :D
Cody:*Runs* OH OH OH! I GOT IT *Frisbee lands in his head & Cody falls*
Me,Christy&Amber-Marie: O: OMG*runs towards Cody & helps Cody*
Me:OMG i'm so sorry Cody i didn't mean to hurt you.
Cody:*stands up and rubs his head* Nah its ok :).
(2 cars beep)
Christy: AWWWW! i gotta go :9 cya laterz ya'll. peace!*runs towards to her mom's car*
Amber-Marie: Same here :( sorry baiz!!!*runs to
her cousin's car*
(Sun starts to set)
Cody&Me:*sits next to each other on the wide grass/flower meadow field*
Cody:*sighs* wow i wish the world can be peaceful like this everyday :)
Me: Yeah i wish it was this beautiful :)
Cody:*grabs a rose & gives it to me* Not as beautiful like you :)
Me:*starts to blush* Aww Cody, how sweet of you
Me:*gets a note tie in a red ribbon to Cody* Hey Cody i want you to read this special note from me. Please dont open it until tomorrow ok?
*gives note to Cody*
Cody: Oh ok i'll wait for you.
(Hears my cousin's car beep)
Me:*Sad look* Aww Cody sorry but i gotta go :(
Cody: Aww its ok i'll be waiting for you at 6:00pm at the beach downtown. Wear something pretty & i'll have a surprised for you :)
Me:Oh ok i will make it i promise baiz Cody.
Cody: Baiz Jess.
(Next Evening at Downtown beach in 6:00pm)
Me:*wearing a pretty white beach dress and strap sandals w/ hair flowing out) *Sees Cody*
Hey Cody!!!!
Cody:*waves* Hey Jess come over here!
Me:*Walks towards Cody*
Cody: Wow you look beautiful :)
Me:*blushes* Aww thank you Cody :). *Sees a pretty picnic setting* Wow nice set-up :)
Cody: Thanks. Come sit down
Me:*Sits next to Cody*
(After dinner)
Cody: So um... Jess the note?
Me: Oh yeah i almost forgot. Go ahead & open it
Cody:*unties ribbon & opens envelope & starts to read it& (Note): You been a very great friend to me. You always been there for me & also care for me. I always will keep you in my heart ~Jess.
Me:So did you like the note?
Cody:*smiles* Of course i did :)*Cody hugs me*
Me:*surprise reaction & hugs back* :)
Me: So um Cody since you feel the same way i wanna ask you something
Cody: Sure what is it?
Me:*gets soooo shy* Well um would you um go um ..... out with me? *starts to get anxious*
Cody:*Smiles happily* Of course i will :) Your the best thing that ever happen to me :)
Me:*Smiles brightly* Aww Cody your such a great friend :)
Cody: Don't you mean boyfriend? ;)
Me:*laughs* Oh yeah sorry xD
Cody:*laughs* No problem babe ;)
Me:*smiles* Your the best Cody :D
Cody: I know i am :D!!!
(Next Day at school)
Me:*runs towards Christy at her locker* CHRISTY!! GUESS WHAT HAPPEN TO ME! :D
Me: Cody ask me out & now me and him are dating :D *happy mood*
Me:I'm so happy :D!!!!
Christy: I hope this can last long o:
Me: i know it will :)
(AfterSchool at 5:00pm)
Me:*walks to the park & meets up with Cody*
Cody:*opens up arms* Hey Jessie come over here :D!!!
Me:*exicted mood at runs to Cody*
Cody:*Hugs me & spins me around*
Me: I miss you :D
Cody: I miss you more ;D
Cody&Me:*Walks around the park*
Cody: I'm so happy that we're together forever :)
Me: i know i just love it :D
Cody: *Stops walking & holds both of my hands and smiles*
Me:*smiles and looks into Cody's eyes*
Cody:*closes his eyes and leans towards me*
Me: *with a shock reaction*
Cody:*Leans closer & he kisses me*
Me:*happy mood & in love*
Cody:*backs off and smiles* :)
Me: :)
Cody: Hey Jess guess what? ;)
Me:What is it Cody? o:
Cody: I love you forever :)
Me: Aww i love you too Cody forever :) <3

And thats my story on how i met my love :)

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