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randomgirlove posted on Jun 02, 2012 at 02:16PM
I could lend you an ear to listen to your story of your love life.
How it goes? Fine? Your crush asked you out? Something happen that made you heart broken? Just tell me.. I would just listen to your words. and give feedbacks at your profile about it.

I will listen to your words... (◡‿◡✿)

 I could lend you an ear to listen to your story of your pag-ibig life. How it goes? Fine? Your crush as

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas phangs said…
my name is willum.i dont have a girlfriend,but im see,my parents divorced 5 years ago,and it messed me up for a long time.i went girl-crazy because my mom was not right in the head and only really wanted to yell at me because of her job.i couldnt really talk to girls because my mom home schooled me and she made me be in this religion that says that you cant date,that you can only marry.after a while,me and my mom had some legal stuff come up and i was put in foster i started going to school there,and i got my first girlfriends.i didnt know what to do because i hadnt been around people my age,so i messed up a lot of relationships.then my dad got in contact with me,and now i live with him.the only problem is that i moved from Washington state to Georgia and i got here right after school got out,so even though im girl-crazy as ever,i dont have any friends,and i wont till i go to,i just found out that i got rusty with the whole dating thing,so now i cant talk to pretty girls because i get tongue tied.thats my story.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas rockinjs1 said…
I love a guy so so much and I think he likes me but I hide by saying my.friend should ask him out or I use the exuses like the rumor about him and this girl named Tara help hes so perfect but so distant from me
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas hgfan5602 said…
I love a guy so much. I will wait until graduation to find out more about him, so I can really react well and tell him I love him without scaring him. I will definitely find the courage to tell him that somehow before I graduate and we (possibly) never see each other again. But I will definitely find a way to stick with him through out my life.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Waterwhip said…
My love story..? Okay well it's really screwed up so please don't judge. And I'm not a skank I swear.

I moved to SC last summer. Met this guy...well he had a girlfriend and I fell really hard for him. In February on the 14th I met someone else. Lived a state away though. He was my stepbrothers best friend from Florida. Well...him and I dated and then he dumped me for another chick. I was so heartbroken. 2 weeks after I met this other guy at a party, kissed him, and started going out with him even though I wasn't over the guy i met on valentines day (lets call him Taco). Well it ended badly. Taco came back for me and him and the guy at the party (lets call him Burrito) ended up fighting over me. When I was forced to choose I chose Taco...I know. Stupid right? Well Taco and I didn't end up right at all. When I fell out of love with Taco, I realized how much I liked Burrito. Burrito and I went out again. I am currently getting over how badly he hurt me :c
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas lumforever said…
We first met 5 years ago. We were both 8 and we had the same short tempered, personality. We've been in the exact same classes since then. But this year, middle school started. We had no classes together. Our lockers are close so I ask him for help sometimes. He calls me annoying and tells me to shit up. In those 5 years, I hugged him when he was crying, he hugged me when I cried, I fell asleep in his lap, We both blushed and someone said we should be dating by now, be broke a yard stick fighting, He pulls my hair, we call eachother names, We always tries to make me blush me and make me angry. We have the personality to match. He even knows how much I love him.

I guess, we've been close for those 5 years. I just wish he would say three simple words to me.
fanpup0511 commented…
know how you feel :( sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas fanpup0511 said…
I was 6 and we met at a park me and my dad were fighting cuz he forced me too play but he said "shut up and get your ass out there!" {me and my dad arent close} i rolled my eyes and looked around waiting for kids to talk to me but nobody did so i went to my mom and said "mom can we go nobody is talking to me?" and she screamed at me saying "no! you have no friends and everybody thinks your a freak! now smile you look ugly when you dont!" {me and my mom arent close either

so i sat on the bench near this really tall porty potty where the kids were and there was a bunch of little kids surrounding the porty potty so i pushed through the crowd and saw a little boy with blue eyes ontop of the porty potty he smiled and said "im gonna jump" and everybody laughed

"dont jump you butthead you'll hurt yourself and-!" i was about to say your parents would be angry but he fell ontop of me i started crying and he looked at me "im sorry little person im sorry i didnt mean it!" {i was really tiny for my age}

"follow me!" he grabbed my hand and ran to an adult asking for a bandage he said "look" he put it on my elbow and i sniffled "whats this?"

"its a bandage it heals anything my mommy always puts it on me when im hurt and i feel better"

i looked at the bandage and back at him and i started blushing "thanks" he smiled

"but im still angry at you for falling on me!"

"sorry about that"

"why were you even going to jump"

"because my brother said that i was a wimp if i didnt" i rolled my eyes and mumbled stupid

"hey wanna be friends?"

"um okay"

he started cheering and he grabbed my hand and he went ontop of the porty potty and yelled "this is my friend!" he pointed to me and i stood there frozen everybody laughed at us and started singing our names sitting in a tree i was blushing and he jumped down this time not falling on me "i didnt know we were dating?"

"we arent! weirdo!" he laughed and said "oh i almost forgot i dont know your name!" we told eachother our names and we became best friends at the age of 7 we were the type of flirting that pulled your hair and stuff and we still do that and we are like 17 but we still arent dating i want to be more than friends but i dont know anyway friends or not he said after we finish school we should move in together so i'll always see him and i hope that evantually he'll tell me those 3 words
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas KocaSketch said…
Well, I have this supposed-to-be boyfriend. He treats me like I'm his best friend. Nothing more. There's not even proof that he likes me as girlfriend-wise. I don't even think he sees me that way, but since I'm the only girl in class (we attend a small school. Only one high school class.) he has to settle for me.

But there's this boy I've met over the Internet about a month or so ago. He's perfect. Literally. He's almost exactly like me. Shy and insecure. Loves to write. Music is his life. He doesn't talk a lot which means it's hard for him to make friends. And he loves My Genuine Find, CatchingYourClouds and Black Veil Brides like I do. I know it's pretty much impossible to fall for someone you've never met, but... I have fallen in crush mode over him. He's amazing and the most beautiful boy I've ever seen in my life. With the fullest long dark brown hair. Flawless apricot-colored skin. He's skinny as hell. He loves beanies. And he's the sweetest boy ever. I know people say "You don't know who you're talking to over the Internet." But I trust and know and have the biggest feeling that he's who he says he is. <3