pag-ibig I moved away from my boyfriend and I think I want to ilipat back?

brittanyski posted on Mar 31, 2015 at 10:09PM
When my boyfriend and I started dating 2 years ago I was the happiest girl ever. I still am to this day. I put off my dreams to move to AZ just so I could be with him. As we started dating of course we went through the good times and bad times. Bad times included finding out he is addicted to prescription drugs. How could this have happened? He seemed so perfect! If theres one thing I hate its drugs. He never told me because he knew I never would have dated him. Which is completely true, but since I was already in love I couldn't give up right? No matter how much arguing it never stopped. Eventually when I realized that my opportunity to move to AZ was better then what I had now (career wise, and possibly future wise) I took the chance. Even though he said he wasn't ready to move yet that maybe later in the future he will be. I have been here 4 months now. No friends, just my aunt and my uncle (whom I work for) Just last month I took a vacation back home and when I came back I realized how much I miss spending every day with him. Even if we were arguing. Most people say oh you can do better or oh he will never change. I hold on to something other then the drug problem and other then his "non-perfect boyfriend way". I hold on to the fact that I was his first girlfriend, I was his first everything. We practically lived together. I have never met anyone who understood me and would put up with my silly ways until I met him. He honestly understands me and I understand him. We both know we want to get married to each other. And I can tell that he means that. I know he truly loves me he is just "stuck". I find myself crying every day because I just want him by my side when I wake up and when I go to sleep. Our bond is unbreakable. I don't know what to do. I want to move back just so I can be with him, but I also hate the cold (i.e. my hometown) and I really want to live in AZ.

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas aliselee_lee said…
Heylo brittanyski, clearly from your post i can see that you are in love with this boy and as you mentioned here that you are each others first then maybe you are quite young. Brittanyski, i know you will not agree and may not want to admit but its not he who is stuck, its you who is stuck. Because you never got the chance or knowingly you didnt make new friend at AZ and the work place that you work at their you never got a chance to experience new things in your life, a new way of understanding how beautiful and perfect love could be. Your arena that you have made of your life is quite small. There is always first to something or the other in life it doesnt mean that what you have is miss him coz u dont have anybody need friends and more people around you..i promise you the way you are feeling right now will change and when you will look back you will laugh of what stupidity you were piece of advise i want to give cant make a drug addict leave drugs until he or she wants to do it on their are only wasting your time and breaking your heart again and again!

Do not sacrifice your life and happiness for anybody in life. Your life is precious and you get it only once. Share it with the one who deserves, life is easy dont complicate it.
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