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jbieberluver94 posted on Nov 28, 2010 at 02:11AM
I gave love to someone and they never loved me back.Here is a poem I made about love -

Where is my heart?!?!?! Oh, With That Stupid guy That Threw It Away & Never Gave It Back
So I Could Love Somebody Else

This poem means somebody that is so deeply in love with someone that dosen't love you
back. It hurts. You gave them half of your heart, (meaning all your love), But they still
don't care about you in the same way. You get so mad that you call them stupid &
worthless even though you don't mean it. This hurts you & the guy or girl and makes you
feel like your going to die. But you still love them so much that you can't see anyone
but them. It hurts you even more

Here's another one (Inspired by Taylor Swift's song White Horse) -

Don't say you're sorry
It will just make me feel more pain
You said you loved me and that turned out to be a lie
You made me cry all my tears out
And fought with me more times than I can count
This small town isn't the right place for me with you in it
You said I was worthless and was a btch just to put me in pain
I'm still in love with you
But I'm never going back into your arms
I'm never going to trust you again
I actually believed that you wouldn't hurt me
But later on I realized that I'm not a princess
And your not my knight in shining armor
Your just another jerk like all those heartbreakers out there
I am not giving you another chance
You already used all your chances and even more
So it's Goodbye
Don't ever come back for me
It'll be a waste of time because you no I won't take you back
So never come back

Never let anyone put you through that. FROM,

pag-ibig No ang sumagot