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"Alright class, you are dismissed."

And dismissed they were, for the day, no, the week was nearing an end for Alois and Ciel. Though this particular Friday was special, Ciel wasn't half as enthusiastic about it as Alois was. That araw was December 14th.

"Ciel, why aren't you excited?"

The younger one stayed silent, stuffing his locker with books from his nakaraan class, and searching for the ones he would need in the chaotic mess of papers and textbooks he had crammed inside sinabi locker. When he closed it, numerous 'Happy Birthday' decorations and pictures were strewn upon the door and he had an idea of who put them there.

He walked away, disregarding Alois as if his mere presence was absent. He wasn't dumb. He knew how Alois felt about him, and in turn, he decided to ignore those feelings, push them to the back of his mind, due to certain circumstances:

Not only was it Ciel's birthday that weekend, but I dare say an even madami special event was happening soon. A wedding.

Since Kindergarten, the two of them used to always joke about one araw becoming siblings, yet never imagined that their hopes would eventually become their reality. Yes, Alois and Ciel were going to be brothers, or rather step-brothers.

Alois groaned. "Why do you wish to ignore me, Ciel? It's your birthday, not mine. The least you could do is talk to your soon-to-be big brother." Dark blue eyes turned on Alois like a laser pen, glaring. He needn't say words, for his expression sinabi it all. Ciel was getting agitated with his best friend, per usual, though that's never stopped Alois from talking in the past. Whether it's from sheer concern or just plain ignorance, Alois had never ibingiay into Ciel's acrid glares, even if they did feel like needles spearing his heart.

"But I was always sort-of like brother to you, no?" he caught up with Ciel, stealthily snaking an arm around Ciel's back, touching his left shoulder with his splayed fingers.

The halls were empty, but Ciel still felt the need to hide the rosy-pink hue his cheeks were turning at Alois' mere touch. The fact that he had such an effect on Ciel was already something he refused to admit, but when Alois knew it too, it made it harder for Ciel to hide his own feelings toward the blonde.

Alois couldn't help but grimace as Ciel cringed, indignantly pushing Alois off of his person, spitting insults as he did so. Alois stood still after that, mindlessly watching Ciel walk on ahead of him. He wanted nothing madami than to make Ciel feel special, loved , like he had someone to look up to. He wanted to make Ciel his.

It took Ciel a while to notice that Alois had stopped walking with him, for he himself was in deep thought. He thought about his father, and whether or not he was really going to be happy with Mrs. Trancy, or now the new Mrs. Phantomhive. He couldn't help but wonder what Alois' thoughts were on the topic as well, but he didn't have much time to dwell on it, for he had already reached the classroom. Opening the door gently, he let Alois and himself in quietly so as not to disturb the other students who had arrived before them.

They sat susunod to eachother at a joint mesa in the far left corner; they didn't want to call extra attention to themselves to begin with, and sitting close to the front meant actually having to engage in the class. This way, they both could drift off in their own thoughts if they wanted to, but they didn't. This class was different, or at least today it was.

When almost everyone had arrived, the teacher got up from his mesa and sauntered to the front of the room, facing his students. Everyone froze when he cleared his throat, harshly grabbing their attention.

This man was not their regular teacher, and Alois and Ciel wondered what could've happened to their old teacher, Mr Baldroy so last minute. His hair as dark as thunderclouds, his eyes madami curious and enigmatic than any human being's; this man was truly a sight to see. His words rolled off his tongue like marbles on ice, causing the girls swoon and making the boys envious, even sending chills down Alois' spine.

"Good Afternoon, students. Allow me to introduce myself, I am your new American History and Cultures professor, Mr. Michaelis. Now, all tanong shall be held until the end of class, until then, we shall begin."

He grinned when his eyes fell upon a mysterious boy with midnight-blue hair and an incredibly uninterested expression on his face. His lone eye was blue, almost cobalt, completely wandering the room with boredom, while the other was concealed under a bandage. His friend, however, was well aware of his surroundings; he took into account everything that was happening around him, almost like it was some sort of defense mechanism. These two were indeed intriguing children, yet complete polar opposites. The man's interest grew stronger each segundo he layed his blood-red eyes on the two of them.

Yes, this man was not human, or so Alois believed this to be true.


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