Guess to say you guys haven't seen me around a lot anymore. I log on Fanpop about every araw or every other araw for my personal reasons.

When I say personal reasons do you think, "Oh, She's worrying about what Anime to watch susunod or the One Direction rumours going on?"


By personal reasons I mean, "Putting through MY Rumours, Boys, and Suicide."

I've been called a Whore, or Slut, Goth, and Emo for no reason.

For starters, I have never had a Boyfriend or even kisses a boy. Yes, I may be a little Flirt, but just because many guys like me, DOES NOT make me a whore or slut.

So now if someone dies their hair Black it makes them Emo or Goth? I only died my hair black because I wanted to EXPERIMENT. My Aunt and my Mother had black hair in their lives to when they were younger. I smile a lot and laugh a lot too. I'm perfectly NOT Emo.

How about this, The Boy I've loved (Yes, I do pag-ibig him. I would need to write a whole new artikulo about our teasings for you to understand. Let's just say we are practically rivals and fight everyday for the past 5 years. We hate eachother but someone told me last taon he liked me. So I still thought until...) Anyways, the Boy I've loved for 5 years get's a Girlfriend and rubs it in my face. Even when I thought he still liked me. Then he says, "Sorry you had feelings for me. I want to be with someone who makes me happy! AND NOT GET HIT WITH A LUNCHBOX EVERYDAY. Yeah, Sorry."

Al of this, led to my thoughts of Suicide. I wanted to, but I could never madala to do it. PLEASE DON'T WORRY. I will stay alive until I'm around 80 or 90. To cope, I have been on Tumblr looking at pictures of Harry Styles (From One Direction) and listening to their music.

Can you see why I can't come on a lot? Now before you make Rumours or false accusations. keep this artikulo in mind.

I pag-ibig you all! xoxo Lumforever ~