The World is so delicate. Every corner is different. It's interesting isn't it? Would you like to hear a story? Don't worry, it's not too long.

Once there was a girl. A bright, bubbly, girl full of personality and shallow-ness. Always laughing and smiling, spreading her pag-ibig and humor around.

The girl met a boy. These two shared a special bond. Everyone saying "You two should go out." or "Just petsa each other already." The girl fell in love. She loved this boy so much. They teased and flirted everyday.

Rumors spread. Everyone could hear the whispers surrounding this girl and boy. "He likes her!" "But doesn't she like him?" "Yeah! I hope they go out!"

After five years, the girl's eye's set on a new sight. The pag-ibig of her life, the boy who she shared a bond with, was dancing with a girl.

This new girl was alright. She was nice, and fairly pretty. She had a smile set on her face; Directly at the boy.

The girl cried. Her puso felt broken. She believed the rumors and thought the boy liked her. The girl's puso felt empty. Ever since, the girl had a frown set on her face. Every day, every moment.

One araw the girl got home. She told family about what happened. Everyone was sympathetic. Except her Grandma. The girl was treated horrible sa pamamagitan ng the Grandma. She got called Idiot, Stupid, Shithead, and horrible names. The Grandma made rumors about the girl and the girl always got in trouble. No one would believe the girl.

When the Grandma was told about this new girl she just replied with, "You're fat and ugly anyways. No one would ever petsa you." The girl was in rage. Every. Single. Day. The Grandma would treat the girl horrible. Like trash and filth.

One day, the girl cracked. Her finally got to her breaking point. While the Girl was sobbing because of what she was called, she grabbed a sewing needle. She shut her eyes and held her breath. She soon felt the needle in her skin. She slid the needle back and forth, across her wrist until she could feel the blood escape her wrist. She started to cry again. She couldn't take it anymore.

Every araw since, the girl would walk with a frown on her face and a scar on her wrist. She truly was broken. 2 Months later, the Boy and the New Girl broke up. The girl was cheering. Her pag-ibig was free. Think again. The nice, sweet, flirtatious boy she fell in pag-ibig with was replaced with a snotty, asshole, jerk. The Girl felt empty again.

About a buwan or two later, the Girl was happy again. Always smiling, and never cut again. One araw she went home. Yet again, she was yelled at for something she never did. She was always the "bad Guy". No. The girl was told, "You think you have a chance? Your fat, ugly, and stupid." The girl felt the frown upon her face, yet again.

The susunod araw the girl glared at her meal. She refused to eat it. She refused to eat any meal that was laid upon her. She felt hungry, but didn't care. She wanted to be perfect. She wanted to be loved again, sa pamamagitan ng her family and the boy.

Her mga kaibigan felt worried for her. They wanted the girl back. They didn't want some broken girl. They tried to help, but the girl refused it., Everyday she either refused to eat or ate very little. People started to catch on. Adults, friends, and others questioned her eating habits. Of course, the girl had to lie. She didn't want madami trouble and misunderstanding on her hands.

The boy started to be nicer to the girl again. The two were not bonded like they were before, but she could feel something again. The Boy started to get worried. He could tell her mga kaibigan were dropping hints about the time she cut and about her Anorexia. The boy started to watch the girl. He always looked at her, smiling. Maybe he did pag-ibig her. Just maybe.

No. The boy started dating another girl. They shared no bond, nothing.They didn't even talk to eachother. The girl questioned her appearance. She would walk around muttering to herself, "Why? Am I just that ugly?" The girl would always doubt herself and put herself down. She believed everything she heard. She couldn't take it.

The Girl knew that there would be troubles ahead. She wanted to face them, but didn't know how to. This girl now strives for happiness, but fails. This bright, young, energetic girl, is replaced with someone fake. Someone who keeps a forced smile and a forced "I'm Fine." from her lips.

She couldn't take it.

And who was this Girl?

The Girl is me.