Madonna Your paborito Madonna OST (Original Soundtrack)? [Add ONLY if necessary & if your fave isn't in the choices]

Pick one:
Crazy For You (1985) [Film: Vision Quest]
Gambler (1985) [Film: Vision Quest]
Who's That Girl (1987) [Film: Who's That Girl]
Causing A Commotion (1987) [Film: Who's That Girl]
The Look Of pag-ibig (1987) [Film: Who's That Girl]
Vogue (1990) [Film: Dick Tracy]
Hanky Panky (1990) [Film: Dick Tracy]
I'll Remember (1994) [Film: With Honors]
You Must pag-ibig Me (1996) [Film: Evita]
Don't Cry For Me Argentina (1997) [Film: Evita]
Another Suitcase In Another Hall (1997) [Film: Evita]
Beautiful Stranger (1999) [Film: Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me]
American Pie (2000) [Film: The susunod Best Thing]
Die Another araw (2002) [Film: Die Another Day]
Masterpiece (2012) [Film: W.E.]
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