Maria&Jєnn♥ Best way to describe contest!

Jennx posted on Jan 31, 2010 at 05:09PM
let`s describe every each of us in 3/4 words.
you will write your description in comments and then i will make the pick with descriptions you all made.
winner`s name will be wrote on here after 5 days,then pick will be closed.!

Let`s start.

[ROUND 1] describe Maria in 3/4 words.
winner is:future professional photographer♥ ~by Nat.

[ROUND 2]describe Brenda in 3/4 words.
winner is: color in our lives♥ ~by Maria

[ROUND 3]describe Jenn in3/4 words.
winner is:Crazy Jate Freak♥ ~by Cat

[ROUND 4] Describe Natascha in 3/4 words
winner is:Phadam,sneakyfish model♥~ by Katerina

[ROUND 5]Describe Cat in 3/4 words.
winner is:GirlWithHugeHeart♥~by Nadia

[ROUND 6] Describe Nadia in 3/4 words
winner is:
candy sweetness♥~by Jenn

[ROUND 7] Describe Katerina in 3/4 words
winner is:Sinpure-Heartbroken -Amazingly Super Charmmed ­Gir­l♥~by Bren

[ROUND 8] Describe Dorna in 3/4 words
winner is:genius idiot !♥ ~by Cat

[ROUND 9] Describe Anna in 3/4 words
winner is:Crazy Imaginative Hilarious Sick perv♥ ~by Maria

[ROUND 10] describe Sahar in 3/4 words.
winner is:sweet,adorable,kindhearted cutie♥ ~by Jenn .

[ROUND 11] describe Bry in 3/4 words.
winner is:Wolf Girl♥ ~ by Cat
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