Maria&Jєnn♥ ♥Idiot's araw celebration:)♥

KaterinoulaLove posted on Feb 15, 2010 at 06:08PM
We are officialy celebrating our day loves:D<3 We are amazing idiots and we rule;) We love each other and I'm so happy we have sticked together;) I hope we will always be like this:D

So my plan works like this:
(You need to know that it's an iconic celebration so everything we have on real celebrations will also be here;)Everything alllowed:)♥we can eat,drink,dance,sing and everything else with the only difference it's gonna be through the screen:)
♥First we're starting with each
others presents;)
♥Then we go to tranditionall dishes and music&dances;)
♥We're chatting while drinking and eating.!..:)
♥we're taking pictures;)
♥I'm leaving some ideas to you too;D<3

You have to put ur dishes and drinks:D<3

so let's goooooooo:D:D:D!!!!!!
But first of all put on your costumes;) Don't forget! It's still carnival:D<3!

I hope many idiots are here! we need our family all together:D<3!♥

 We are officialy celebrating [b]our araw loves[/b]:D<3 We are amazing idiots and we rule;) We pag-ibig eac
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