Matthew Lawrence 2007
Here's a listahan of things about me and Matthew:

1). Me and Matthew are 4 years apart.

2). Matthew's brother, Joey and I are 7 1/2 years apart.

3). Matthew's younger, brother, Andy and I are 3 1/2 years apart.

4). Me and Matt both have brown eyes.

5). We both have brown hair.

6). Matthew's birthday is on the 11th of February 1980.

7). My birthday is on the 8th of March 1984.

8). Me and Matthew pag-ibig mga hayop and both want to become zoologists.

9). We are known to be shy and very sweet.

10). We both have 2 dogs.

11). Matthew's last name is the same as my father's first name.

12). Matthew's middle name is the same as my uncle's first name and my 7 taon old nephew's middle name.

13). Matthew's brother, Andy aka Andrew has the same name as my brother's middle name.

14). Matthew and I pag-ibig the same singers, Mariah Carrey, Paula Abdul and Whitney Houston.

15). We both pag-ibig pizza Hut.
Matthew with a female lion