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posted by megan-ox123
"Nickolette?" The tindahan keeper called as I was half way out the door. I turned around swiftly, and moved to the front counter to face the short and
pudgy tindahan keeper. I quickly realized how matulin and quiet it was and quickly regretted it. I was still getting used to pagganap human.
His eyes were wide, that's not something an average mortal can do. The towns folks were already suspisious of my family, but I quickly
skipped to the point.

"What is it Joseph?" My velvet voice asked. He shook his head, back and forth, in disbelief and his eyes returned back to
normal (Thankfully). I would hate to kill...
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posted by megan-ox123
But that meant little to me. All that mattered now was her, for the first time in all of
my 526 years of life I knew I was in love. I was also wondering if pag-ibig was what it was. Could a soulless vampire like me find love? Could any
vampire fin love? But that didn't matter just as long as she was safe. Because of her beauty I was partially wondering if she was a Vampire, as I am.
Although I was pretty sure she was not because of her deep dark brown eyes, unlike my golden eyes. Or others like me, blood red eyes. I wanted
to get closer, to find out.

But that slipped my mind as soon as I saw him,...
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posted by megan-ox123
"Beep beep beep...Beep beep beep... Beep beep beep" "Ugh!" I sinabi while my hand searched around the night mesa for the snooze button. when I
finally found it I reluctantly got up from kama and went to my dresser. I pulled out a light peras of pants, a white sando and threw on a dayap green t-shirt
over tuktok of it. When I closed my eyes for a moment to long all I could picture was Tyson's face.'Hall boy' almost slipped my mind but then I
wondered, Why was he in my dream? I tried to forget about it and went to the bathroom to get ready. I looked in the mirror my dark brown hair hung
to my waist...
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posted by megan-ox123
I was running, and running but I wasn't fast enough. My legs were aching in agony I felt like I might trip over myself, I didn't know why I was running
or where I was running, I just knew I had to. When I got to a large spot of damo filled with wild bulaklak and burning sun, I finally knew it was ligtas to
stop. I looked down, my dark brown hair was curled and shining as It reached down to my waist of a purple and blue dress that I was wearing. Just
short enough to reach my thys. It was absolutely beautiful it sparkled in the sun I didn't want to look away from it but I felt as if I had to, so...
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posted by megan-ox123
I entered the geometry room and took off my wet coat, which was moist from the rain, my long dark brown hair was damp also.
As i took a upuan near the back of the class room I could hear people talking about the 'new girl' a.k.a Me. Through the rest of the araw there was
always itleast one kid that was bravo enough to ask me where I was from or if I needed help finding my susunod class (which I always did.) But
after my last class of the araw something different happened. I bumped into a guy, He had short black hair and tanned skin he looked really buff and
was itleast six feet tall probably madami but...
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posted by megan-ox123
I chucked my bag across from me, it banged into a puno that was covered in green moss and fell to the rock hard ground with a hard "thud," I was so
pissed off how could my mom do this to me? Just take me away from my life and ilipat me out here because she 'fell in love' well woopdie doo it's
not like that's anything special for her it happens daily it's nothing out of the ordinary. If things are still the same she and him will be done before I
know it, I still can't believe it they've known eachother for three weeks and they're getting maried, maried Ugh I wish she was kidding.
I heard a growl...
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