Men in Black MIB Hawai'i Division invading HEXXP, 2012

odiemodie posted on Sep 03, 2012 at 12:42AM

Greetings, MIB Agents!

Agent "G" here, informing you all there is a great possibility the HDMIB is planning an Alien shakedown at the Anime / Sci-Fi convention, The Hawai'i Entertainment Expo, or HEXXP, October 19, 20, and 21, 2012 at Aloha Tower in beautiful downtown Honolulu near the harbor waterfront. Following the shakedown (don't worry... we won't shake up "Frank the Pug") a photo Op will take place. We are hoping a massive showing, as many of the agents are still in deep undercover, and newbie recruits are to show likewise. If this gathering proves to be too broad in public, we will send out the B-52 C air transport to "neuro-lize" the entire sector... so agents don't forget your issued Eye protectors! This message has been temporary released for public viewing, so to know more about the convention and its' activities before this post might vaporize, log on to: link

Until further notice, stay alert, agents! ETA reports indicate possible alien activity on convention date and timeline! Early arrivals may be prominant before actual time indicated! Have series 4 pulsar arms at ready at all times! And remember...


Best regards,

Agent "G"
Men in Black, Hawai'i Division

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