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Michael Jackson Tanong

michael and billie jean pag-ibig part3

“Hello,” she drawled out in her thick accent, batting her eyelashes.

“H-h-hi,” Michael stuttered, resting his hands over his growing bulge in his pants to try to make it unnoticeable.

After a few moments of silence, the girl said, “Well aren’t you gonna ask for my name?”

Michael shook his head, “Oh yeah! What’s your name?” Michael tilted his head, furrowing his brows in deep thought, like he was focusing on every word she said.

The girl laughed lightly, folding her hands on her crossed knees. “Billie Jean, Billie Jean Reynolds.”

Michael took out his hand, and tried to think of a fake name to use. He didn’t want to lie, but if he told her the truth she would probably freak out and not want to spend time with him. “Uh, my name is…Jackson Michaels. Nice to meet you.”

He flinched at the name he came up with. Could he be any madami obvious? I mean really, that was just stupid.

“Nice to meet you too, Jack. It is okay to call you that right?” Billie Jean shook his hand and smiled at him.

“Oh yeah, it’s fine, is it okay if I just called you Billie?” Michael sinabi in his fake deep voice. He straightened the hat that covered his hair and fixed his dark aviator glasses.

“Sure darling, you can call me whatever you’d like,” Billie sinabi batting her lashes and giggling. Michael caught an arterial motive in her comment and blushed, looking down for a moment.
“Can I buy you a drink?” he asked after a small silence.

“I’d like that.”

Michael smiled and motioned for the bartender to come over, looking at her expectantly so she can order what she wanted. She ordered some kind of fruity drink and Michael ordered another beer, feeling himself get tipsy from drinking two mugs of the beverage.

“So, Jack, what brings you to this boring little old English town? It’s obvious you’re not really from here,” Billie said. “Where are you from?” Billie asked, sipping her drink. Michael took a gulp
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