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Michael Jackson Tanong

michael and billie jean pag-ibig part4

Oh I know, I was just sayin’.” Billie said, looking down. Michael stared at her and she eventually looked up. They met eyes and Billie licked her lips, as she kept looking down at his. Michael took out a hundred dollar bill from his pocket of his tight jeans and placed it on the bar.

“Billie, would you like to go back to my hotel room with me?” Michael asked slurred, smiling with a lopsided smile.

“I was wondering what took you so long to ask!” Billie said, laughing.

They stood up and stumbled their way out of the bar, she winking at her mga kaibigan who giggled at her and giving her thumbs up. Michael hailed a cab to go to his hotel.

They got in the back and Billie sat on Michael’s lap and connected her lips to his. Michael was hesitant at first but then after a segundo responded hungrily. It’s been a while since he was with a woman. A couple years actually. She got on her knees between Michaels legs, draping her arms on either side of him as he grabbed her asno and tightly squeezed. When at the hotel, Michael threw some money at the driver and hopped out of the taxi, trying not to take his lips from Billie’s.

The couple stumbled and tripped their way into the hotel, not once disconnecting their lips. They went to the elevator and got in, Michael slamming her into the pader in the back of the elevator. He kissed down her neck, sucking hard and nipping at her flesh. She let out a hearty moan and brought his lips back up to hers to kiss. His tongue licked her bottom lip and she opened her mouth, inviting him into it. He savored the inside of her mouth and pressed his hard pelvis against hers, making her pant into his mouth. The elevator dinged and Michael removed his lips from hers, panting.

He grabbed her hand and walked out of the elevator with her, jogging down to his hotel room. Right susunod to the door, Michael banged her against the pader and kissed her again, not being able to resist. She switched it around and banged him against he wal
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