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Michael Jackson Tanong

michael and billie jean pag-ibig part6

“God damnit!” he shouted obnoxiously, not being able to hold it in. Billie laughed and stumbled from the wall, giggling. Michael started laughing and found the key, opening the door. He grabbed Billie’s waist and pulled her in the room, closing the door shut. He threw the room key on the mesa sa pamamagitan ng the door and pushed her through the room. It was hard to navigate through the large suite but a lamp sa pamamagitan ng the kama made it achievable to get to the desired location. He pushed her down on the kama and leaned between her legs to halik her.
She laid her head down on the fluffy unan and grabbed his head, pressing his lips hard on hers. Michael took her palda and pulled it up to her waist and moved his pelvis in circular motions over her drenched panties. She moaned in his mouth and pulled away, closing her eyes in pleasure. Michael watched her face for a second, feeling himself getting almost painfully hard at the facial expressions she was making. Her eyes popped open suddenly and she looked at his clothes and disguise unsettlingly. She flipped them over and pulled off Michael’s hat from his head. She pushed the dyaket off his arms and threw it on the floor, leaving him in just a regular button up sando and tight bell-bottom pants. He started to get worried that he was going to get caught so he turned off the lamp on the beside mesa just as she took off his sunglasses.

“Hey, no fair! I wanted to see what you look like!” Billie sinabi laughing, going to turn on the light. Michael grabbed her hand and kissed the palm of it, shushing her groan of complaint.

“Just wait, it’ll be so much better if you didn’t.” Michael said, sighing. He sat up in the kama and she did too, sitting on her knees. She cupped his face, and Michael could see from the low glow of the kalye lights that shown through the window and cascaded over her face that she was frowning.

“I don’t get it.” She finally said, slouching. Michael felt bad for letting her down, but told himse
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