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Michael Jackson Tanong

michael jackson had me breathless part1-3

Part One

He led me outside to a waiting golf cart. He sat in at the wheel and patted the upuan susunod to him, tilted his brimmed hat jauntily to the side and winked at me. I couldn't help but laugh at him, as we sped off. "So where are you taking us dear sir?" I joked. "To the place where I get my inspiration me lady." We rode over the grounds toward a big open space, there were a few trees in the midst of the area, it reminded me of a big park. He got out and came around to my side, rubbing his hands together. "Are you ready?" He didn't wait for my answer but instead led me over to a particular tree. He grabbed my hand and pulled me along til we were standing at its base. The puno was huge, with twisting gnarled branches reaching towards the sky. I looked at Michael and saw that he was squinting up, and beaming. He spread his arms wide, "I call it my giving tree!" He patted it fondly, his rands running over the rough bark. "It's just something about nature that is so beautiful to me. I can just come here and think and not be interrupted by- anything!" He looked over at me and flashed that smile of his. My puso rate increased a notch. Watching that man smile was like watching a burst of sunlight shine through storm clouds. It was beautiful, and made my puso feel light every time he did it. He gestured towards the tree. "Shall we?" I looked confused. "Shall we what?" He rocked back and forth on his heels, swinging his arms excitedly. "Climb it of course!" My puso rate shot up yet another notch....

Part Two

I scaled the length of the puno with my eyes. "Oh Michael, I dunno...." He smirked and
looked at me. "Oh come on, its fun! You've never climbed a puno before?" he asked incredulously. "Oh, yeah! All the time!." I replied, oozing sarcasm. He laughed, rubbed his hands together and stepped on the puno trunk. There were little footholds embedded in the tree. Michael grabbed onto the first rung and hand over hand, foot over foot, started to climb. I watched hi
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