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Michael Jackson Tanong

A desition that changed my life. Part 2

I entered the room and he got up and sinabi "So. You're the last one. Now let me check." He started checking his file, while I was still staring at his chest. I could'nt take my eyes off that bare chest. Then he lifted his head,gave me a smile and said:"You are Cristina Zammit?" "Yes" I replied."Age please?" "29" "Oh like me." We both started to laugh. I blushed. "What do you want to do in my world tour?" "Emm.. The lead guitar."I said. I was sweating at that moment.
"Would you like play something for me?"he said.
"Well.. I'm a bit shy right now because emm.. I'm a big tagahanga of yours. Can you choose the piece please? Sorry if I sound mean Mr. Jackson."
He said" First of all call me Michael. Second,you don't need to be shy. Third I would like that you play the solo part of Beat it." "Ok Michael."

I grabbed my gitara and started playing..
 Cristina98 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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