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Michael Jackson Tanong

A desition that changed my life. Part 4

The susunod morning there was an announcement:"May I have your attention please. Today.. Michael will decide his crew for the bad tour. The results will be posted tonight. Good luck to you all. Thank you for your collaboration,MJJ productions."
I spotted my friend Luana. She told me:" How was it?" I started to blush. "Come on tell me!!"
"It was fantastic. He was soo kind with me! You know what?" "What?" "He told me that my eyes are beautiful" "OMG! Really??" "Yeah it's true. That moment was when our eyes met.." "My god!!" Lu.. I think I'm in pag-ibig with him.." I bushed after I sinabi that. "What??!!" "Yeah I am" "Was he that sexy?" "Oh come on lu!! Well.. his chest was half" "OMFG!I'm so jelous!!" "Hope we will be chosen.." "Or at least one of us", sinabi Luana. "Hope so." "Bye Cri! I gotta go!" "Bye!"

I could'nt stop thinking about that wonderful moment i had with Michael that night.. I wish I was going to be chosen..
 Cristina98 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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