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Michael Talks To Oprah(February 10,1993)-(11)

Michael: That's ... I did a commercial for Pepsi and I was burned very badly and we settled for one million dollars and I gave all the money, like we built this place called the Michael Jackson Burn Center and that's a piece of technology used for burn victims, right. So I'm looking at the piece of technology and decide to just go inside it and just to hammer around, somebody takes the picture, when they process the picture the person who processes the picture says, "Oh, Michael Jackson." He made a copy and these pictures went all over the world with this lie attached to it. It's a complete lie, why do people buy these papers. It's not the truth and I'm here to say. You know, do not judge a person, do not pass judgment, unless you have talked to them one on one, I don't care what the story is, do not judge them because it's a lie.
Oprah: You're right, that story, it was just like it had legs.
Michael: It's crazy! Why would I want to sleep in a chamber? [Laughing]
Oprah: Well, the rumor was that you were sleeping in the chamber because you didn't want to grow old.
Michael: That's stupid. That's stupid. It's completely made up and I'm embarrassed. I'm willing to forgive the press, or forgive anybody, I was taught to pag-ibig and forgive, which I do have in my heart, but please don't believe these crazy, horrifying things.
Oprah: Did you buy the elepante man's bones, were you trying to get them for...
Michael: No that's another stupid story. I pag-ibig the story of the elepante Man, he reminds me of me a lot and I could relate to it, it made me cry because I saw myself in the story, but no I never asked for the ... where am I going to put some bones?
Oprah: I don't know.
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