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Michael Jackson Tanong

The magpabago From The Making of THIS IS IT

Michael Jackson Ran the ipakita not Technogoly,and He'll Go out Put The glab and the amerikana on and The Reason Y He wrote Earth Song is That he Loved Nature.He is a tagahanga Of 3D and He was Thinking about Moving 2 London 4 His konsiyerto with Prince.Paris and Blanket.His fans wore Glued 2 Him every segundo He Was On Stage, and He Hated what People Wore doing 2 The World Cause The World Makes a Better Place.He Loved His Kids,Family,Friends and Us His Fans.They sinabi it Was Sad when He Passed Last taon on The 25th Of June.Michael Jackson Made Himself A Man and Michael Jackson The King Of Pop.
Michael Jackson
 StephMJJFan posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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