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The susunod day
Aislinn woke up at around 9 in the morning. 'Whoa...I slept in a bit longer than I expected.' She thought. She's used to getting up at around 6 or 7 in the morning. Well, she needed it. She got tahanan around midnight after the ipakita and she didn't get to sleep until 2 in the morning because she was thinking of that really romantic halik Michael gave her last night. She remembered it so well. She heard footsteps running toward her room and Cory came in. "Aislinn! We have a serious problem!" Aislinn looked at Cory with shock. "What problem?!" "It's Rick! He found out where Michael was! Their fighting!" Aislinn quickly got ready and they headed out to find them.
In Hollywood
People were gathering and watching Rick and Michael fighting. Michael wasn't much of a fighter, but he knew a few things after doing 'Smooth Criminal'...still, he was being beaten to death. His clothes tore, he's got scratches on his face, and on tuktok of that, he was tired. Rick looked at him, not one scratch on him. "Come on, Michael! Fight!" "I...I don't fight...it's not in my nature." Michael told him, panting. Soon, he heard his name being called. "Michael!!" He turned to see Aislinn running up to him and he fell on his knee. She quickly got to him and held him. "Michael, you alright?" He looked up at her and he looked like he was gonna pass out any minute. She turned to Cory. "Cory! Call an ambulance! I have some unfinished business to take care of here..." Cory nodded and called the hospital. She rushed to Michael and safely got him away from the fight. Aislinn cracked her knuckles and got into a fighting stance. Rick chuckled. "Do you really think I'm afraid of you, Aislinn? I've known you for 2 years. You don't fight." "Oh I don't?" She sinabi sarcastically. Soon, she grabbed him sa pamamagitan ng the sando and punched his face, making blood come out of his nose. He fell to the ground and wiped the blood from his face. He looked at her in shock then chuckled. "Bring it on, Aislinn. That all you got?" She continued punching, started kicking him in the sides and tripping him and kicking some more.
About 5 minutos later
Aislinn stopped and looked at what she did. He was unconscious, but she actually fought back this time. She panted and she fell to her knees, tired.
At the hospital
Aislinn was checked up and she didn't have one scratch on her, just a couple bruises, and no blood was drawn. They told her that Michael is expecting her and they led her to his room. They also told her that Rick was gonna lose his memory and be put to jail for almost killing Michael. Aislinn was happy for that and she couldn't wait to see Michael. She went into the room and saw him on the bed, looking out the window. She grabbed a chair and sat susunod to his kama and went to grab his hand. Once she did, Michael turned to her and smiled. "Thanks for doing that for me, Aislinn." He told her. "I couldn't bare to see you hurt, Michael. I had to." "Are you hurt?" "No, I just have a couple bruises. Nothing too major. How is this gonna effect the tour?" "I don't leave until susunod buwan for the susunod area. If you don't mind...could I stay with you and Cory once I'm out of the hospital so I don't stay in that trailer?" Aislinn giggled at his question. "It's alright with me, Michael. You're always welcome into our house." He smiled weakly and giggled slightly. He held his chest. "Rick hit you in the chest, didn't he?" "Yeah...he got me good, Aislinn." "The doctors told me that he's gonna go to jail for almost killing you. A good hit in the chest could make the sternum go through your heart. Your lucky he didn't hit you that hard. I'm just glad your ok. I couldn't imagine life without you." Michael looked like he was gonna cry from hearing that. She stood up and looked at him, still holding his hand. She leaned down and kissed him softly and released. The doctor soon came in. "Mr. Jackson, you can leave here tomorrow. Your results came back and your almost healed up. Take it easy for a while and be sure to get plenty of rest." "Thank you." Then the doctor left. Aislinn looked at him and smiled. "I'll pick you up tomorrow morning, ok?" He smiled back at her. "Ok, Aislinn. pag-ibig you." "Love you, too, Michael." Michael wanted to do something and he wanted to make it right. "Aislinn? Come here." She bent down and he put his hand behind her head and pulled her into a long kiss. After about a few minutes, he released it. "I pag-ibig you so much, Aislinn. I couldn't bare to spend the rest of my life without you. You're beautiful, sweet, kind, caring, sexy. You're someone I've been looking for all my life." Aislinn now looked like she'd cry any minute. She held his hand to her face. "Michael, that's so sweet of you, but the way you sinabi it made it sound like your gonna die..." "I won't die. I promise. I'm not gonna die." Aislinn believed him and she also believed he could make it. She knew he made it already. He was just fine when she walked in the room. She let go of his hand and gave him one last halik before leaving. "I'll see you tomorrow, Michael. Later, my love." He smiled at her. "Later, baby." She smiled at him and walked out the door and headed back to Cory's house.
The susunod day
Aislinn got up bright and early to get ready to pick up Michael from the hospital. She told Cory yesterday once she got tahanan that Michael was gonna stay with them. She didn't mind it at all. Aislinn got her keys, phone, a pen, and her music and went to her car. She got in, turned her car on, put her music in (which note that it contains all Michael Jackson songs since she was growing up), and started driving to the hospital. "I'm so happy I get to pick up Michael for a change."
At the hospital
Aislinn got to the front mesa and talked with the nurse. "I'm here to sign Michael Jackson out." She looked up and saw Aislinn and nodded. "Ok, all you have to do is put his name and the time your signing him out." Aislinn pulled out her pen and signed her name and put his name in the blank spot and the time she's signing him out, which was 8:03 a.m. The nurse took the paper and told her which room he was in. "Thank you." Aislinn smiled and went to room 201, which was Michael's room. She knocked on the door and walked in. Michael turned to her and smiled. "Ready to go, Michael?" He nodded. "Yep, all ready." Michael walked up to Aislinn and took her hand, lacing his fingers with hers. They walked out of the room and he was perfectly fine. They got to the car, after he signed a couple pictures, and got in. Michael was excited to be out of the hospital. Aislinn giggled and turned the car on. "We're gonna stop sa pamamagitan ng your house so you can get some clothes, ok?" She told him and he nodded.
At his house
Michael went inside to get a few sets of clothes for his stay at Aislinn's and Cory's house. He grabbed a red button up shirt, his jacket, a few t-shirts, a few pants, his socks, his phone for sure, and his charger. He went downstairs into the aklatan and got his book and then headed out back to the car. He got in and they drove off to the house. "Got everything you need?" She asked him. "Yeah, I'm sure I got everything, Aislinn." "Ok, just had to be sure."
At Cory's house
Aislinn stopped the car and they got out and headed inside the house. "Cory! We're home!" she shouted. Michael looked around for a bit. "It's been so long since I've been here." "Yeah, a whole week maybe?" He chuckled and she led him to her room. "She put a king size kama in my room, so you can be in there with me, Michael." Michael smiled. "Kind of like when you stayed with me for that week, right?" Aislinn giggled. "Yeah, kind of like that, Michael." They got in her room and they sat down after Michael found a spot for his clothes and stuff. He put his arm around her and pulled her to him. She almost fell on his crotch, but she caught herself. They giggled at each other. They laid back. Michael put his hand behind his head and kept one arm around Aislinn. Aislinn put her head gently on his chest and her arm went to his side. Soon, a knocking at her door. "Come in." Cory walked in and saw them. "Awe, how cute!" She giggled and walked over to them. "How you feeling, Michael?" He looked up at Cory and smiled. "I'm feeling fine. I'm not feeling any pain at all anymore." "Yeah, with that medicine the doc put you on, Michael." Aislinn pointed out. He chuckled. "Yeah." "Well, I'm gonna head out for a bit, you two behave yourselves." "We will, mom." Michael and Aislinn sinabi sarcastically. Cory knew they were in on that the whole time and shook her head and headed out the door. Michael looked down at Aislinn and she looked up at him. They smiled and kissed. "I'm glad your ok, Michael." He kissed her forehead and held her closer. "I'm glad to be ok, Aislinn. Do you have work today?" "Yeah...at night. I have the evening shift at an orphanage in town called 'Never Grow Up and Smile'. I've seen a few kids that are fans of yours and they are 6 years old." Michael smiled. "Maybe tonight I'll go see them. What are their names?" "Their names are: Ann, Taylor, and Diane. They are really sweet kids. They sinabi that they would pag-ibig to meet you one araw when I was working there a while back. I only get a few evening shifts." So it has been planned that Michael would go see the three girls at the orphanage tonight. To make their dreams come true, while Aislinn was working. They looked at each other again and kissed and pretty soon, took a pleasant nap.
At the orphanage
Aislinn walked in and Michael waited outside for her signal. "Madame June, I'm here for my shift." Madame June walked out and saw Aislinn and so did Ann, Taylor and Diane. The three girls ran up and hugged Aislinn and she hugged back. "I'm glad you could make it this evening, Aislinn. Sorry for the late call." "It's alright. Hey, girls! I have a surprise for you." Taylor was happy. She loved surprises. "But you'll have to wait until you finish your hapunan that I've cooked up for you! Come on!" Then they followed Aislinn into the kusina and got their hapunan and started eating. Aislinn went to the window and saw Michael and gave him the thumbs up. He nodded and went to the door and knocked. The kids finished their pagkain and Madame May went to the door and got it. Her eyes went wide. "M...Michael Jackson?" He smiled at her. "May I come in? I need to speak with Aislinn." "Sure. Come on in." Michael stepped inside. "She's in the kitchen, Mr. Jackson." "Thank you and please just call me Michael." She nodded and he went into the kitchen. Aislinn nodded at him toward the kids and he walked up to their table. "Girls, look beside you." She said. They turned and saw Michael. They squealed and gave him a big group hug. He talked with them, took a picture with them and signed that picture for them. Aislinn walked up to him and he held her close. He kissed her in front of them and they all were in shock. "Awe! Auntie Aislinn is in pag-ibig with Michael! Way to go Auntie!" Diane shouted. She always considered Aislinn to be her aunt because she never had much of a family. She was happy. Michael was happy. Every one of them were happy. The girls got to meet Michael Jackson and got to see Aislinn and Michael kiss.
posted by thrillergirl18
Ok we need to stop and relize about what we're doing here. There is altot of people who will pretend to be a fan. Of a famouse person,just to make friends. But really we don't have to be a fake fan. We should be mga kaibigan we both have out likes and dislikes. This is NOT what Michael want us to do is fight. Fighting never ever solve anything so just STOP. Just forgive and forget this ever happend. I just do have to say this DO NOT put any rude comments on other peoples post. We are not healing the world sa pamamagitan ng fighing we're ruining it. Michael would be so upset with us if he was talking to us he will make us take a time out.

I pag-ibig YOU ALL!

Michael woke up at 6:00. "Well I guess I woke up a little early today." He says to himself. Michael was feeling better now. The women he was in pag-ibig with was ok. But still...He was wondering how I was going to react to what he was going to tell me. "I..I..I..can't do it." He says to himself in tears. Michael was just sitting in his kama worrying how Mccala would respond. "What if...What...If..She doesn't.." He says unable to finish his own sentence because of himself crying. "Wait...I should try...I have to...It's now or never." He says to himself. Michael just gets up after a few minutos and...
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Michael takes my hand and guides me into his home. "Wow your house is beautiful Michael." I sinabi with a smile. "Why Thank you Mccala." He replys with delight. "I'm glad you're here Mccala." He says in kind of a nervous and worried tone. "Is anything wrong Michael?" I ask with concern. "No everything is fine." He smiles. "Um ok then." I reply. Michael walks towards the kusina then he sees someone very familar. "Mccala can you give me a minute?" He asks. "Sure." I reply. Michael walks over to this guy and talks to him. "What were you thinking?" "Why did you invite that girl over there?" He says...
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There was angel flying In the sky
with shining light Inside
or far bituin at night
I saw That angel one day
When I started To pray
to can touch
that angel so Much
I spent years and years
with alot of fears
Searching for a way
to fly with this angel in the sky
Then In one day,I closed My eyes
with alot of tears Inside
So I started to pray
Then I opened them
I felt something Inside
My puso and Mind
It Wasn't fears
Or crying tears
It Was coming To heal
the soul that was full of fear
and to take The burdnes away
It was Very hard To bear
I kept That thing Inside My heart
then I looked In the sky
I didn't Find This angel...
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It may not be Halloween quite yet, but the ghouls were out in full force across the planet Saturday evening.

From Argentina to Australia; from Holland to Deutschland and dozens of undead places in between, Michael Jackson fans took to the streets in a zombie invasion because, as the late MJ sang it: “this is thriller, thriller night.”

Since 2006, fans of “Thriller” have been gathering once a taon — right around Halloween time, although not necessarily when it’s “close to midnight and something evil’s lurking in the dark” — to charity-seekingly shake their dusty Buto to the...
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posted by House34
Oh God you would never believe what my dream was about.. I never had a dream with them but now.. there they were.. Prince, Paris and Blanket.
The dream was soooo sweeet... it was so real (!) like Michael showed me how they are..how they are dealing with this.. I have been thinking sooo much at them.. I have been praying soo much for them.. and now I had this sweet sweet dream :X

There was this event we were suppose to take part in..and I was with all three..I don't know how..I just knew I was lucky to be there with MJ's 3 kids :) Prince was like..the big brother..making a little bit of fun...
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- 3 - 10 mg/ml 1% lydocaine vials (2 empty, 1 3/4 full)
- 1 empty bottle propofol 200 mg
- 1 pulse monometer
- 1 empty vial lorazepam 4 mg
- 2 empty vials midazolam 10mg
- 1 empty vial propofol 1g/100ml
- 1 black nylon bag
- 1 dark blue costco bag
- 1 light blue canvas bag
- 1 pill bottle with 13 tablets containing 25 mg ephedrine, 200 mg caffeine, 80 mg aspirin
- 4 vials propofol 200mg/20ml
- 2 vials 5 mg flumazenil
- 1 vial lorazepam
- 1 vial lidocane
- 200mg vials of propofol (1 full, 1 1/4 full)
- 1 empty bag I.V. drip of sodium chloride with syringe
- 1 ziplock baggy containing 18 tubes of Benoquin

Note that one of the items seized was a canvas bag. Bodyguard Alberto Alvarez told cops Dr. Murray told him to put vials of propofol in a plastic bag and put that bag in a canvas bag.

I pag-ibig you, Michael :(
michaels always had a beautiful puso aww its makes me cry !! hes soo special !! awww MICHAEL U R AMAZING AND ALWAYS BE THE BEST!! BETTER THEN THE REST !!!
Me pag-awit "Gone Too Soon" in memory of Michael Jackson. May he rest in peace. Please let me know what you think.
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gone too soon
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