a couple of weeks went past since michael seen jonna and her birth certificate michael ask frank no anying thing about a girl named jonna lee merangay gracia he told me yes he heard that she was the best assassin but i wasnt looking for that so i came out with it did you know a women nameed elena maria gracia (jonna mother's name)he sinabi yes cause he dated her years back but he sinabi their realationship ended when he found out that she cheated while he was in paris hunting somebody so he dumped her but she did have a 4year old daughter then . so since asking them many tanong to frank he went to ms.graica or elena michael goes sa pamamagitan ng now . i went to blocks down the kalye to my mother house i went in the house i heard to children laughter then all of sudden i was tackle sa pamamagitan ng my twin boys i laugh i ask were was grandma angleou he sinabi in the kicthen making quesadilla he sinabi with his cute little spansih actcent i went in the kicthen with my sons i told them to go wacth tv while i talk to grandma . michael jr looked at me then turned away to go wacth tv with angelou . as i walk into the kusina she turned arouned and sinabi your hear to know about if jonna is frank daughter .i wonder how she knew i sinabi yes she told me the whole story so jonna is frank daughter i ask she sinabi ofcoures but ever since the araw he came tahanan she never knew or he she i lef it alone.so after that matter i went to go tv with my boys until michael jr sinabi she gonna hurt us i ask who he sinabi her while pinting at artemis

will artemis hurt michael and his kids madami action up next