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Weeks have now gone sa pamamagitan ng and things have pretty much been the normal work araw for michael and diane. And of course Beth is back to babysitting the girls, but she hasnt tried anything. She has in fact been quite friendly with Diane, which in a way worries Diane......

Diane arrives tahanan to see Beth and the girls watching Tv. "Mommy!" they exclaim as they rush to give her a hug. "How are my girls?" Diane asked happily as she hugged them. "We're fine we had a good day." Lizzie said. "Well that's good to hear." Diane said. Just then Beth walked up to Diane with her pitaka in hand. "Hey Diane can i ask you something?" , "Um...sure whats up?" Diane replied. "Well i was wondering since we dont get to hang out often i was wondering if you'd like to go and have coffee together this weekend?" Beth Asked. Daine thought for a moment. "Um..sure why not." , "Okay well....meet me at starbucks on saturday lets say around 9:30?" Beth sugguested. "Okay...sounds good." Diane replied. With that Diane gave Beth her money for babysitting and she was out the door.

That Saturday...........
Diane waited at a mesa in starbucks for Beth to arrive. Diane looked at her phone to see that it was 9:25. "Where is she?" Diane thought to herself and she began to feel a little impatient. Just then Beth arived. "Whew!...sorry im late...traffic was crazy." Beth sinabi as she put her things in the upuan across from Diane. "Why dont we go get those coffee's?" Beth said. Her and Diane then headed up to the regestier where they each boughta large coffee and a muffin. After paying they headed back to their table. "So..random question...what's it like being married to the biggest superstar on the planet?" Beth asked with a mouthful of tsokolate chip muffin. "Um...its kinda hard to describe since michael is so sweet and kind you would think he was just your average shy guy...to me he just seems like your average loving husband...im not saying he isnt a superstar....he's always going to be a superstar....like i sinabi its a great feeling but its really hard to explain." Diane explained. "Well ...thats understandable....so are you worried when he hugs a fan? espeacially a female fan?", "No not really because i know they are only just a tagahanga and most likely he'll never run into them again." Diane replied. "So you never worry about him cheating on you?" Beth asked. "No...Never, Michael would never cheat on me, we pag-ibig each other too much to even consider such a thing." Diane sinabi in shock that Beth had just asked that question. "Hey im not saying he would, im just being a good friend and making sure everything between you and michael is okay...i wouldnt want you guys to divorce one another." Beth sinabi as she reached across the mesa and placed her hand ontop of Diane's arm. Diane quickly moved her arm. "I got to go...Michael's probably wondering where im at right now." Diane sinabi as she quickly grabbed her coffee and left.

About a week or so later things begin to get weirder and weirder. Beth begins to come over for hapunan alot where she asks Diane and Michael about their relationship. From there things just get wierder.............

Michael arrived tahanan that araw around 5, Diane was working late. As he set his stuff down he didnt see the girls in the living room watching tv like they always were when he arrived home.Also Beth was nowhere in sight "Lizzie...Abby." Michael called out. Just then Lizzie and Abby came running down the steps. "Daddy....somethings going on." Lizzie said. "Whats going on?" Michael asked. "Beth locked herself in the guestbedroom and has been in there all araw long." Lizzie replied. Michael then headed up to the guest room and knocked on the door. "Beth...are you okay?" Michael sinabi putting his ear to the door. "I'm okay...im just not feeling well." Beth sinabi Breathlessly. "You need me to take you home?" Michael asked. He heard the squeaking of her getting off the bed. "No...i took a nap so i should be able to drive tahanan but thanks for the offer." Beth replied. "Okay well let me know if you need a ride if you change your mind." Michael sinabi as he walked away from the door and back downstairs. "Well whats going on dad?" Lizzie asked as she stood at the bottom of the stairs. "It fine Beth just wasnt feeling well, she's going to be heading tahanan here shortly." Michael said. Just then Beth came walking down the stairs, hair a mess and her clothes wrinkled. She then walked out the door without even getting paid or a single word..................

Part 9 is next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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