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this video is killing me! too much cuteness and sexiness. so gorgeous aahhh! *__*
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This Michael Jackson litrato might contain portrait, headshot, and closeup.

I came tahanan after performing at a live performance for a music awards because I was known as The reyna of Pop. When I came home, I looked at my answering machine and I noticed it was flashing. When I listened to the first message, it was my good friend, Quincy Jones. "Hey, Taylor. It's Quincy. I know you are busy right now probably still at the awards but I wanted to know that if you were busy susunod Saturday and if you wanted to come over for a big celebration with all the people I have worked with. I hope you can com. Call me and let me know if you can. Talk to you later, girl. Bye"

I thought...
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After the ordeal, John has been arrested and sentenced to 3 years in prison. Things have finally pretty much gone back to normal....but not for long

Deputy Anderson walks down the long prison corridors chacking to make sure all the inmates are in there cells. All seems the way it should until he comes across John's cell. In his cell he sees John hanging from the ceiling with a kama sheet tied around his neck. "Hey we have body in cell 1146, inmate killed himself, get cornor down here." Deputy anderson sinabi into...
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[Warning: this chapter may scare you a bit.]
A Week Later
Over the past few days, I...I haven't been myself. I was announced as someone "dangerous," so they put me in a mental hospital for ligtas keeping. Well, I was in a mental rehab, to be madami specific. I had thought back to when I had done a pregnancy test and thought about the result I had gotten from it. I curled up on the kama in the room and rocked back and forth slightly, making sure I didn't fall off the bed.
"I can't believe it sinabi I wasn't...I was sure our segundo try would work..." I muttered.
Soon, when I didn't know it, my pupils dilated....
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 my beautiful ghost
my beautiful ghost
Jennine wrapped herself around Michael as he gently made pag-ibig to her. She loved him and shed only jst met him but her whole body and soul belonged with this man. She made pag-ibig to him as a woman she had never realised existed in her. He bought out all her sexuality. They slept til the sun came up entwined around each other. Jennine woke to dusty sunlight shining through a grime stained window. She turned and glanced at Michael sleeping like an angel. She kissed his angelic face. She heard a noise out side the bedroom door. Covering her nakedness she waited for the door to open. The door flew open as her brother ran in sobbing. Jennine asked him what was wrong but he ignored her. Jennine yelled at him and he still ignored her. Jennine grabbed her magsuot ng bata and ran up to her brother grabbibg him. Her hand went right through him. Gasping she stood in horror. Michael stirred then woke up. seeing her terror he rushed over and held her in his arms
 my beautiful ghost
my beautiful ghost
Jennine held her breath as he almost glided neare and stood before her. Two of the beautifulest big brown eyes Jennine had ever seen stared at her intently. Jennines puso raced just at his closeness. His aura drew her to him. She felt powerless. His full lips were serious as he studied her silently. Jennine blushed under his intent stare. Suddenly he offered his pale hand. Jennine shook his hand surprised to feel it was ice cold. He sat down at the head of the table. All of a sudden a group of servents appeared. Pouring wine into ginto goblets and heaping their plates with steaming pagkain they bowed and left the room. Jennine waited for the beautiful man to speak. "Im Michael" he finally said. Jennine liked the sound of his voice. "Do you live here Michael "?Jennine asked timidly. This man intimidated her though she was strongly attracted to him. Michael smiled. Jennine's puso leapt. His whole face lit up when he smiled.
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The susunod araw Michael wakes up and he sinabi " Hannah wake up sweetheart wake up" Hannah turn and sinabi " what?" Michael sinabi " what do u want do today" Hannah sinabi " daddy leave me alone i am going sleep"
Michael sinabi " but sweetheart" Hannah yell sinabi " DADDY LEAVE ME ALONE I WANT TO GO SLEEP PLZ" Michael was about to sinabi something but he didnt so then Bobby call Michael bobby sinabi " what u doing?" Michael sinabi " i am chillin but i am bored lets go to clothes store" Bobby sinabi " ok" so then 5 mins Bobby arrive at Michael house and he rang kampanilya Michael open the door and Michael sinabi " lets go"...
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idk why im typing this but hear it goes.
i have been thinking rly hard lately and saw so many magnificent poems and artikulo and stuff.
i feel guilty inside and want to make a big differences in the world if only i could.
i want to help the homeless and the kids that don't get much for x-mas i feel like i should do something and i want to help so bad but how.
it makes me cry every time i think of people like that and sometimes a vice in my head pops up and says "that should be me."
a tear or two streams down my face.
i remember how michael didn't lose hope to help a little boy get a liver. without...
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feb 15, daddy was downstairs with prince asleep in his arms. i was upstairs in my room watching t.v on my bed. i yelled Daddy, he yelled back What. i sinabi i got sick, he sinabi hang on im coming. he passed prince to the nanny. daddy came upstairs and into my bedroom. he walked over to my kama and i had thrown up everywhere. he looked at me and i was crying, i sinabi my tummy hurts. he picked me up and sinabi honey dont cry its ok. he changed my clothes and took me downstairs. he told the nanny to take prince out for the araw because he did not want him to get whatever i had. once prince and the nanny...
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if you are wondering why lisa is not my mother in my dreams, heres why. in my dreams back when michael and lisa did the diane sawyer interveiw. lisa and michael anocced that they had been split up for 5 months because michael wanted children and lisa did not want anymore children. lisa sinabi she wanted michael to be happy that is why they got divored. in those 5 months micheal met debbie rowe and they concevied me. back to my dreams.

march 1st, grandma and grandpa are coming to vist for 2 weeks for my 2nd brithday. daddy was so happy that they were coming. daddy wanted to tape my every move...
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pag-ibig was taken from a young life
And no one told her why

Her direction has a dimlight
From one madami violent crime
She innocently questioned why
Why her father had to die

She asked the men in blue
How is it that you get to choose
Who will live and who will die
Did god say that you could decide ?

You saw he didn't run
And then my daddy had no gun

In the middle of a village
Way in a distant land
Lies a poor boy with his broken toy
Too young to understand

He's awaken, ground is shaking
His father grabs his hand
Screaming crying, his wife's dying
Now he's left to explain

He innocently questioned why
Why his mother had...
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Welcome to Hollywood
That's what they told you
A child bituin in Hollywood
That's what they sold you
Grace with beauty, charm and talent
You would do what you were told
But they robbed you of your childhood
Took your youth and sold it for gold

Elizabeth, I pag-ibig you
You're every bituin that shines in the world to me
Elizabeth, can't you see that it's true
Elizabeth, I pag-ibig you
You're madami than just a bituin to me

Lovely Elizabeth
You have surpassed them all
My friend Elizabeth
Learned to outlast them all
Many started back when you did
Lost their way and now they're gone
But look at you, a true survivor
Full of life and...
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Cute! <3
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