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 Beauty through the years <3
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posted by koolkat-1994
The person that i admire the most is Michael Jackson because he is the sweetest person on earth who wanted to ipakita us something very special and important.He is a very heroic person.He wanted to heal our world and help children around the world,Who needed a hero and also an angel from heaven to make them smile.Michael inspired me so much through his wonderful talented music that had amazing words with great meanings.I pag-ibig his music because when ever i listen to it i always feel his presences around me i feel him smiling at me like everything is going to be ok.He always makes my hear feel so...
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posted by Whisperoflove7
It was nearly 1am on a cold November night and the patakbuhan at Luton airport was deserted. A private Jet just landed and taxied to a secluded spot near the perimeter fence. Two rented minibuses, their windows blocked out with white sheets, drove to the tail section where a narrow stairway was being lowered. Driving the first van was bodygaurd Steve Tarling with one thing on his mind- to get Michael Jackson off the jet as quickly and as secretly as possible. Custom and Immigration officers boared the plane to check documents and Steve moved in. Nothing could have prepared him for the shock of...
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